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Hungary. Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we have the right to our own opinion about Ukraine, whether Donald Tusk likes it or not

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto responds to the critical words of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Kiev against Budapest. The head of Hungarian diplomacy also stipulates that his country will not engage in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but will not block the decision to send them by other European Union countries.

Hungary they are a sovereign country and have the right to their own opinion on the matter war in Ukrainedo you like it Donald Tuskor not, said the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Monday Peter Szijjarto in response to the critical words of the Polish Prime Minister in Kiev towards Budapest.

– We insist that peace in Ukraine be achieved as quickly as possible, even if Donald Tusk has a different opinion and takes a pro-war position, Szijjarto said in a recording posted on Facebook.

Tusk criticizes the Hungarian authorities

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During Monday’s visit to Kiev, the Polish Prime Minister said that Europe will find a way to support Ukraine, regardless of Budapest’s position. Viktor Orban’s government is against Ukraine’s admission to the European Union and is blocking EU financial assistance in the amount of EUR 50 billion.

– Whoever silently supports Putin is betraying Europe in every dimension and this will be remembered and will not be forgiven – Tusk said.

According to Szijjarto, the head of the Polish government “showed complete disrespect” by accusing Hungary of betraying Europe.

– We have seen the events of the last few weeks in Poland and the Polish Prime Minister’s concept of democracy – said the Hungarian politician. – We see opposition politicians being imprisoned in Poland. We see that there is no tolerance for opinions that differ from those of the government, he added.

Earlier, Szijjarto published a photo on Facebook of him talking to the head of Polish diplomacy in Brussels. “Radek Sikorski, the great comeback. Nothing will obscure the (Polish-Hungarian) brotherhood,” wrote the Hungarian politician.

Szijjarto: we will not block EU military aid to Ukraine

– Hungary will not engage in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but will not block the decision to send them to others European Union countries – Szijjarto said in Brussels. “It is completely unacceptable for Hungary to give new impetus to arms transfers,” he added.

– Hungary has not supplied weapons so far, will not do so in the future and does not want to participate in any decision that would lead to an increase in arms supplies, he said.

Szijjarto called the new EU plan to create a EUR 5 billion pot for arms supplies to Ukraine under the European Peace Facility (EPF) disappointing.

Hungary blocks support for Ukraine

For a long time, Hungary has not agreed to pay Ukraine a new tranche from the EPF in the amount of approximately EUR 500 million. Previously, the reason given was the inclusion of the OTP bank on the Ukrainian list of international war sponsors.

The bank was included there because it continued its operations in Russia. Although the Ukrainian side removed him from the blacklist, Budapest demands a guarantee that the Hungarian bank will not return to the blacklist.

The head of Hungarian diplomacy said on Monday that Budapest is ready to support financial aid for Kiev if Ukraine “does not discriminate against Hungarian companies.”

Main photo source: Facebook/Szijjártó Péter

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