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Hungary. Maximum fuel prices at gas stations

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6 zlotys and 8 groszy in Polish currency – this is the maximum Hungarians will pay for a liter of gasoline and diesel oil. The Hungarian government has decided to introduce maximum fuel prices to protect consumers from their rapid growth and limit inflation, the head of the office of Prime Minister Gergely Gulys said on Thursday at a press conference.

According to the government’s decision, gasoline and diesel prices at gas stations will not exceed 480 ft (PLN 6.08) per liter, Gulyas announced. This is lower than current prices, in many places exceeding 500 ft / l.


Maximum prices at stations and inflation

“In our opinion, this will support the economy and contribute to reducing inflation,” Gulyas said.

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As he added, the maximum prices will apply for 3 months.

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According to data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), inflation in Hungary amounted to 6.5% in October. Every year. The Hungarian National Bank reported that the increase in fuel prices was responsible for 1.9 percentage points. inflation.

Electricity and gas prices in Europe

Since the beginning of October, gas and electricity prices have soared in many European countries, including Italy, France and the United Kingdom. The average French household will spend 800 euros more on gas this year, and the Italian household will spend 355 euros more on electricity and gas.

In addition, fuel prices are also rising – the fastest in Hungary. According to the Globalpetrolprices portal, in the first half of this year. In Hungary, fuel prices increased the most in Europe. The current price of gasoline is up 29.3 percent. higher than a year ago, the price of diesel fuel increased by 36 percent.

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