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Hungary opposes further assistance to Ukraine from EU funds

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Hungary has not agreed to the payment of another tranche of military support to Ukraine under the EU’s European Peace Facility (EPF), the Hungarian government spokesman’s office announced on Tuesday. As the Italian ANSA agency reported earlier, Hungary blocked the eighth tranche of aid worth EUR 500 million.

Created in 2021, the EPF is an off-budget instrument designed to enhance the EU’s ability to prevent conflict, build peace and strengthen international security. In an e-mail response to a Reuters inquiry, we can read that “Hungary they disagree with the fact that European Unionuses the European Peace Facility, together with other existing tools, exclusively for Ukrainebecause it does not allow sufficient resources to be channeled to promote EU interests in other areas,” the government spokesman’s office said.

The Balkans and North Africa were identified as other areas where the fund could be used.

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They criticized the sanctions against Russia

“It is crucial for the Hungarian government to clarify these issues, which is why it has not agreed to the payment of the next tranche from the FEP,” the spokesman’s office said in an email.

As previously reported by the Italian ANSA agency, it is about blocking the eighth tranche of financial assistance worth EUR 500 million from the European Peace Facility for weapons for Ukraine.

From the beginning of the assault by Russia in February 2022, the European Union provided a total of around €3.6 billion in military support to Ukraine under the EPF. At the same time, Hungary, which is a member of the EU as well as NATO, refused to supply any military equipment to Ukraine, of which it is a neighbor.

The Battle of Bakhmut The Battle of Bakhmut Ukrainian Land Forces/Telegram

At the same time, Hungary has repeatedly criticized EU sanctions against Russia. All 27 EU countries must unanimously approve them. Ultimately, despite the criticism, Hungary supported all the measures agreed so far.

Orban’s dispute with the European Commission

Hungary is in dispute with Brussels as all payments of EU recovery funds have been suspended until the Budapest government implements reforms to improve the independence of the judiciary and fight corruption.

Viktor OrbánSzilard Kosticsak/PAP/EPA

In addition, the prime minister who has been in power since 2010 Viktor Orbán clashes with the EU and its executive body, the European Commission, over Budapest’s restriction of migrants’ rights, as well as tightening state control over NGOs, scientists, the media and the courts.

Main photo source: Szilard Kosticsak | PAP/EPA

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