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Hungary. Pope Francis – visit, mass in front of the parliament building. What did the pope say?

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It is sad and painful to see the closed gates of our selfishness towards those who pass by us every day, said the Pope during the Holy Mass in Kossuth Square in Budapest. At the end he prayed for peace and for the whole of Europe. Sunday is the last day of Francis’ visit to Hungary.

Around 50,000 people attended the Mass on Kossuth Square in Budapest in front of the parliament building. The former president was present Hungarian Katalin Novak, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with his wife or the mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karacsony. As the Vatican officials in the Hungarian capital learned, Metropolitan Hilarion of the Moscow Patriarchate also attended the mass. On Saturday, the pope met him at the nunciature in Budapest.

During the mass, Francis pointed out that Jesus is a consolation in every life situation. – In what we carry in our hearts, in our dilemmas, in our fears, in the sense of defeat that sometimes overwhelms us, in the bondage of sadness that threatens to close us in a cage – he said.

Pope Francis in Budapest PAP/EPA/Szilard Kosticsak

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As he emphasized, believers are called to cultivate relations of brotherhood and cooperation – without creating divisions among themselves, without treating the community as a closed community, without allowing them to be guided by the concern to defend their own space, but by opening to mutual love.

Let us remember this well: all of us, without exclusion, are called to this – to leave our comfort zones and find the courage to reach every periphery that needs the light of the Gospel.

– It is sad and painful to see the gates closed – the closed gates of our selfishness towards those who pass by us every day; the closed doors of our individualism in a society that is in danger of dying in solitude; the closed doors of our indifference to the suffering and the poor; closed doors to those who are strangers, others, migrants, the poor, he declared.

The Pope presided over a mass in front of the Hungarian Parliament building PAP/EPA/Tibor Illyes

The Pope encouraged the people of the Church to be ever more open “helpers of God’s grace, experts in closeness”. “Let us be open and unifying to each other, to help Hungary grow in fraternity, on the path to peace,” Francis added.

The Pope prayed for peace and for all of Europe

At the end of the Mass in Budapest, the Pope prayed for peace and for the whole of Europe.

Before the Regina Coeli prayer, Francis greeted the President and Prime Minister of Hungary and other authorities present at the mass.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with his wife at a mass celebrated by Pope Francis PAP/EPA/Szilard Kosticsak

“As my return to Rome is imminent, I would like to express my gratitude also to my brother bishops, priests, consecrated men and women and to all the beloved Hungarian people for the welcome and love I have experienced in these days,” he said.

He said that he entrusts all Hungarians to the Mother of God. “And in this great city and in this noble country, I wish to entrust to her heart again the faith and the future of the entire European continent, which I have been thinking of these days, and in a special way: the cause of peace,” the Pope added.

– Holy Virgin, look at the nations that suffer the most. Look first of all at the neighboring Ukrainian nation and the Russian nation consecrated to You. You are the Queen of Peace, instill in the hearts of people and leaders of nations the desire to build peace, to give the young generations a future of hope and not of war; a future full of cradles, not graves; a world of brothers and not of walls, Francis prayed.

Pilgrimage of Pope Francis to Hungary PAP/EPA/Tibor Illyes

– We ask you for the Church in Europe, that it may find strength in prayer, that it may rediscover humility and obedience in you, the fervor of witness and the beauty of preaching. To you we entrust this Church and this country.

The last point of his visit to Budapest will be a meeting with representatives of the academic world and culture at the Catholic University.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Tibor Illyes

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