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Hungary. Red heat alert for the entire country. To be in effect until Friday

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Hungarians are preparing for the second heatwave of the year. A red alert has been issued for the entire country. Forecasts indicate that temperatures could reach 39 degrees. The risk of fires is also increasing – a ban on lighting fires has been issued in six counties.

Throughout the entire territory Hungarian From Sunday to Friday, the third, highest level of heat warning is in force – informed the country's chief medical officer.

“The second heat wave of the year is starting,” warned the Hungarian weather portal Idoekep. The first wave hit Hungary in mid-June.

Dangerous heat

According to forecasts, next week the maximum daytime temperatures will remain at around 35 degrees Celsius, and in some places even reach 39 degrees.

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In the recommendations issued to the population by the Center for Public Health and Pharmacy, it was emphasized that people working outside and taking part in outdoor events should dress appropriately, protect their heads and use sunscreens. Experts also warn that the heat is especially dangerous for the elderly and children.

Avoid intense physical activity outdoors, and remember not to leave children or animals in parked cars, the recommendations say. It added that the risk of fires is also increasing, with a ban on lighting bonfires issued in six counties (equivalent to Polish provinces).

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