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Hungary. Security agreement with China and NATO enlargement still blocked – Reuters

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China and Hungary signed a security agreement, but did not reveal its details. Reuters notes that this “unusual move” comes at a time when “Hungary, an ally of Russia, is working to reduce its dependence on the West” and when it is the only NATO member that has still not agreed to Sweden joining the Alliance.

On Friday, on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between… China and Hungary Chinese Minister of Public Security Wang Xiaohong visited the Hungarian capital. In talks with Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Beijing offered security support to Hungary, “its long-time strategic partner”, Reuters reported on Monday.

Wang also met with Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter, with whom he signed a security cooperation agreement. However, no details about it have been made public.

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China and Hungary are strengthening relations

During his meeting with Viktor Orban, Wang Xiaohong expressed hope that China and Hungary will “deepen cooperation in areas including the fight against terrorism, the fight against international crime, security and law enforcement capabilities developed under the Belt and Road Initiative,” Xinhua reported.

Viktor Orban, in turn, expressed Hungary’s will “in the current, new situation, to deepen its traditional friendship with China, develop practical cooperation and further strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership that connects the two countries.” He said: “China and Hungary have always treated each other with respect as equal partners and supported each other in their key interests and greatest concerns.”

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Hungary is blocking NATO, getting closer to China

Reuters notes that “this is an unusual move” by Budapest and Beijing, and “China’s assurances of security cooperation come at a time when Hungary, a Russian ally, has been working to reduce its dependence on the West over the past decade under Orb├ín. “. The agency reminds that Hungary is the only NATO member and has not yet agreed to expand the Alliance and join it Sweden. Meanwhile, China has repeatedly criticized NATO, describing it as a “mortal” threat to world peace and stability.

“The security agreement with Hungary is a diplomatic victory for China at a time when relations between the rest of the European Union and the world’s second economy are being affected by differences on issues such as human rights, trade balance and the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Reuters estimates. It added that Hungary had repeatedly either opposed or abstained from voting on issues where the EU criticized China. In recent years, Hungary has also been accepting growing Chinese investments, including: the largest logistics and production base of the Chinese giant Huawei outside China. This happened despite warnings from the European Commission that the company poses a threat to EU security.

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