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Hungary. The Hungarian-Russian friendship group quietly ended its activities, the Hungarian-Ukrainian group does not operate in practice – media

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The Hungarian-Russian parliamentary friendship group has quietly ended its activities, reports the Hungarian portal 24.hu. At the same time, the newly created Hungarian-Ukrainian friendship group – according to the portal – does not work in practice.

Ukraine and Russia are at war. In an eight-point resolution, the Hungarian parliament expressed its commitment to peace and condemned military aggression Russia and recognized Ukraine’s right to self-defense. Due to the current situation, the Hungarian-Russian friendship group has not been established,” the ruling party’s press office said. Fidesz in a statement quoted by 24.hu.

Moreover, the group’s meetings were not frequent: there was only one in the last four years. Members of the group received regular invitations to the Russian embassy on the occasion of Victory Day (May 9), the portal notes.

The Hungarian-Ukrainian group does not work in practice

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In November 2022, a Hungarian-Ukrainian friendship group was established, headed by Attila Tilki, a Fidesz MP. “Tilki led the group because his constituency is located on the border with Ukraine, and he has appeared in the news several times for his role in caring for refugees after the outbreak of the war,” wrote the 24.hu portal.

However, in 2020, the group’s chairman received a three-year entry ban to Ukraine for “interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs and activities aimed at undermining the security of the Ukrainian state,” the portal claims. In any case, the group has not convened once since its inception, not even at its inaugural meeting. Fidesz representatives explain this – similarly to the dissolution of the Hungarian-Russian friendship group – by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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