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Hungary. The Polish ambassador in Budapest met with the army chief Gen. Gabor Borondi after the words of the military man about the “local war” in the context of World War II

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The Polish ambassador to Hungary, Sebastian Kęciek, met on Friday with the commander of the Hungarian army, Gabor Borondi. As the diplomat told PAP, it was the general who “proposed a meeting” to find “a solution to this awkward situation”. A few days ago, Borondi said that the German attack on Poland in 1939 was a “local war” that turned into a global one because there was no peace process.

On Friday, a meeting took place between the Polish ambassador in Budapest, Sebastian Kęćek, and the defense attache, Col. Sławomir Mnitowski with the Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Army, General Gabor Borondi. As it was written in a joint statement, “the talks confirmed the exceptional importance of Hungarian-Polish relations and solidarity with beautiful traditions.” It added that both sides underlined “the importance of belonging to an alliance together FOR THIS and the related goals and importance of this cooperation.

“Ambassador Kęciek in his speech drew attention to the inappropriateness of the statement affecting Polish society, which fell victim to unprovoked Nazi aggression against Poland German and the Soviet Union in 1939. Gen. Borondi explained that he had no intention of questioning the fact that Poland suffered the greatest casualties and suffering during World War II,” reads the statement.

It was also written that “the chief of staff prioritizes the development of cooperation within NATO and expressed his commitment to building relations with Poland.” “The visit ended in a spirit of mutual respect, solidarity, harmonious cooperation and is a confirmation of strong ties and common priorities” – added.

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Polish ambassador to Hungary: I appreciate that the general immediately proposed a meeting

“I appreciate that General Borondi immediately proposed a meeting to find a solution to this awkward situation,” Ambassador Kęciek later told PAP.

– The solidarity of Hungarian citizens, as well as the reactions of the political class, including the comment of President Katalin Novak, prove that our relations are a priority and our willingness to build them based on understanding and conversation, even in times of trial – he added.

Reactions to the head of the general about the “local war”

On Tuesday, in one of the Hungarian television programs, General Borondi described Germany’s aggression against Poland in 1939 as a “local war”, which would not have turned into World War II if peace talks had taken place early enough.

On Wednesday the Polish ambassador reacted to this in an open letter. “These words, which can be interpreted as an accusation of my country for escalating and complicity in causing a global conflict, are an unacceptable distortion of history for us and should not come from anyone’s mouth, in particular from the mouth of a representative of a country that is our close ally,” Kęciek said. .

At Thursday’s press conference, the chief of staff of the prime minister’s office Hungarian Gergely Gulyas admitted that Poland was a victim of World War II. He added that the chief of staff’s statement would not affect his assessment, as it depended on actions within his sphere of competence.

On Thursday, Hungarian President Katalin Novak also spoke on this matter. “As commander-in-chief of the armed forces and president of Hungary, I know that the chief of the general staff has many things to do, including facing threats war in Ukraine and modernization of the army. Historical debates and interpretations are better left to historians,” she tweeted.

At the end of April, President Novak, at the request of Defense Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky, dismissed General Romulus Ruszin-Szendi from the post of commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces. General Gabor Borondi was appointed in his place.

Main photo source: gov.pl

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