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Hungary. “There is no third way.” Viktor Orban announces the construction of a coalition

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Chairman of the ruling Fidesz party appeared at the tenth “Peace March” organized in the capital of the country, Budapest.

During the speech, the politician focused on the topic of the war Ukrainelinking it with the upcoming European Parliament elections.

War in Ukraine. Viktor Orban on the anti-war coalition

According to Viktor Orban victory of groups, in his understanding, “pro-peace” this is the only chance to stop Western countries from engaging in direct conflict. – Europe cannot stand another war, that's why it was created European Union (…). We won't win anything in war, but we can lose everything, he said.

We are not going to the East for the third time, we are not going to the Russian front againwe have been there before and we have nothing to gain there, he added, recalling the destruction in Europe after the First and Second World Wars.

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Premier Hungarian he boasted to the gathered crowd about “stopping migration and gender propaganda.” At the same time, he emphasized that what is now needed is “applying the emergency brake on a train rushing towards war.

– Either we win or they win, there is no third way, there is only World War III – he argued, reminding that the election slogan of his party in the elections to European Parliament is the statement “only peace, only Fidesz”.

Peace Summit for Ukraine. Zelensky names Russia's “helpers”.

Almost at the same time when Viktor Orban argued for the need to build an “anti-war coalition”, about the Peace Summit in Switzerland the president of Ukraine spoke.

Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Singapore, he announced, among other things, that he participated 106 countries from around the world confirmed the event. At the same time, the politician pointed out that for several weeks The Kremlin is trying to disrupt the organization of the summit by threatening countries that want to take part.

Russia it's a country of war. They are currently traveling around many countries in the world, threatening to block food products, chemicals, threatening what will happen, energy price dumping. They just put pressure on the rest of the world not to be on top – he said.

Some countries have started to help it with thisin the diplomatic breakdown of the Peace Summit – he added.

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