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Hungary. Viktor Orban criticizes the European Union on the anniversary of the anti-Soviet uprising in 1956

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban started his campaign for next year’s European Parliament elections on Monday with sharp criticism of the community’s leaders, Reuters wrote. Orban called Brussels a “poor modern parody” that he believes can still be fixed.

Orban spoke on Monday in Veszprem in the west of the country to mark the 67th anniversary of the anti-Soviet uprising in Hungary in 1956.

– History sometimes repeats itself. Fortunately, what was initially a tragedy becomes a comedy at best the second time around, Orban told his supporters. The speech was broadcast on state television. Reuters noted that the event was closed to other broadcasters.

– Moscow was a tragedy. Brussels is just a bad modern parody, said Orban.

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Reuters notes that distrust of the Hungarian prime minister in Brussels was growing, among other things, due to the tightening of state control over non-governmental organizations, academia, courts and the media. European Union suspended payments of billions of euros to Hungary over rule of law concerns, complicating the nationalist leader’s efforts to pull the economy out of a technical recession.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in VeszpremPAP/EPA/Szilard Koloricsak

Orban: Brussels and the European Union can still be repaired

As Reuters writes, Orban’s combative tone on EU rule of law conditions tied to the disbursement of funds to Hungary belies the relative optimism expressed last week by his chief negotiator, who said talks on outstanding issues could end soon.

– Even if Brussels whistles, we dance the way we like. And if we don’t want to, we won’t dance, Orban said, drawing applause from his supporters.

– Moscow was beyond repair, but Brussels and the European Union can still be repaired – said the Hungarian Prime Minister, adding that the current leaders of the community had failed to ensure Europe’s security, freedom and prosperity.

Economists from Wood & Company assessed that despite the initial phase of changes in the law, Orban’s government does not show sufficient commitment to solving the dispute over EU funds.

“Our interpretation of the policy and political moves is that Prime Minister Orban is focused on ensuring his party has the best possible result in the European Parliament elections in June 2024 and seems to be pursuing a strategy of confrontation with the EU and the US,” they said in a statement quoted by Reuters .

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Szilard Koloricsak

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