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Huta Komorowska. She entered the church and stole a purse. She spent the money on alcohol

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The 52-year-old entered the church in Huta Komorowska (Podkarpackie Province) and stole another woman’s handbag. She spent some of the money on alcohol, which she drank with a friend. She threw her purse away. At the time of arrest, she had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system. She heard a charge of theft to which she admitted.

According to Commissioner Jolanta Skubisz-Tęcza, press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Kolbuszowa, the incident took place on Saturday (April 1) in the evening in Huta Komorowska (Kolbuszów district). A 67-year-old woman told law enforcement that someone had stolen her purse while she was at church. She had gone to the restroom before the service, leaving her purse on the pew. When she returned a few minutes later, the bag was gone. Inside were, among other things, money and an ID card – informs Skubisz-Tęcza.

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She spent the money on alcohol, threw her purse in the trash

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The officers determined that a woman who was in the vicinity of the church in the company of a resident of the Majdan Królewski commune may be related to the theft. – In the course of further investigation, they established the identity of the man. At the 59-year-old, they also found his friend, a 52-year-old resident of the Rzeszów district – reports Skubisz-Tęcza.

They were both drunk. – The woman admitted that she entered the church and took her purse. With some of the money she bought, among other things, alcohol, which she and her friend drank. She threw her purse and empty wallet into the trash, the police officer said.

A sobriety test showed that the 52-year-old had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system. She was detained.

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She was charged with theft. She confessed

Officers found a discarded purse and an empty wallet. They also got some money back. On Sunday, after sobering up, the 52-year-old heard allegations of theft. According to the police, the woman confessed to committing the crime. Theft is punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years.

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