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Huta Szumy. The nuns were lost in the woods and it was already getting dark. The policemen rushed to help

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Five nuns got lost on the trail in the nature reserve in the commune of Susiec (Lublin Province). When they realized that they would not be able to find their way back, they contacted the police.

The police received a report on Monday after 8 pm. Five nuns who got lost in the forest on one of the trails in the Szumy nad Tanwią nature reserve asked for help.

– Initially, they tried to find their way back to the forest parking lot in Huta Szumy, where they had left the car, but to no avail. The situation was getting more and more serious due to the falling dusk – says staff sergeant Małgorzata Pawłowska from the County Police Headquarters in Tomaszów Lubelski.

The nuns were escorted to the parking lot

The nuns asked for help after 8 p.m. They were found around 9 p.m. Lublin Police

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The search lasted about an hour.


– Thanks to the efficient search and knowledge of the topography of the area by policemen from Susiec, the nuns were found and safely led to the forest parking lot – emphasizes Sgt. pc. Pawłowska.

The nuns got lost on the trail in the nature reserve Lublin Police

The sisters left the car in the parking lot in Huta Szumy

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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