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Hybrid solar eclipse 2023. Can you watch it in Poland? Where and when to see?

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Already on Thursday there will be a phenomenon that happens only a few times in a century – a hybrid solar eclipse. It will last over three hours. It will not be visible in Poland – only residents of selected regions of the world will see it.

On April 20, an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon will occur – a hybrid solar eclipse. It will be visible in parts of Australia, East Timor and Indonesia (New Guinea, more specifically in the province of West Papua). It will start at 3.34 and will climax at 11.34. 6.16. The phenomenon will cease to be visible at 8.59. It will last nearly 200 minutes. This is the first solar eclipse of 2023. Why is it called hybrid? Because in the above-mentioned places you will be able to admire both annular and total eclipses.

There will also be a partial solar eclipse at the same time. It will be visible in southeast Asia, eastern India, Australia, the Philippines and New Zealand.

Solar eclipse – what is it

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the moon is positioned between the sun and the earth. At this point, the sunlight is obscured. The phenomenon can be divided into several types. The most spectacular are total eclipses, when the disk of the Moon completely covers the disk of the Sun and the solar corona can be seen.

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In turn, when the Silver Globe disc does not cover the Sun in its entirety, we are talking about a partial eclipse. There is also an annular eclipse, when the disk of the Moon enters the Sun completely, but it is slightly smaller, which causes the view of a bright ring around. The rarest is the hybrid (annular-total) eclipse, when in the central part of the eclipse belt we see a total eclipse, and a little further an annular eclipse. It only happens a few times a century. There will be 224 solar eclipses in the 21st century, and only seven of them will be hybrid eclipses.

On April 20, the eclipse will begin with an annular eclipse that will turn into a total eclipse and then become an annular again. In 3 hours and 19 minutes, the Moon’s central shadow will travel a path of 13,800 kilometers, covering 0.07 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Hybrid solar eclipse. Will it be visible in Poland?

The hybrid solar eclipse will not be visible in Poland. You have to wait until March 29, 2025 for the eclipse visible here. Then it will come to its partial form.


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