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Hybrid solar eclipse 2023. Can you watch it in Poland? Where and when to see?

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In just a few days there will be an extraordinary astronomical phenomenon – a hybrid solar eclipse. This means that on the same day you will be able to see both the annular and the total eclipse. Unfortunately, we will not see it in Poland. However, for some part of the world it will turn out to be a real treat.

“It’s coming! Less than two weeks left to one of the rarest astronomical phenomena of this century! A hybrid solar eclipse will occur on April 20” – wrote Karol Wójcicki, popularizer of astronomy, author of the blog “With Head in the Stars” on his Facebook profile.

When will this happen? The hybrid solar eclipse will begin on April 20 at 3.34am. The event will climax at 6.16, and it will cease to be visible at 8.59.

The phenomenon was named the Ningaloo eclipse. This word in the language of the Aborigines, i.e. the native Australian people, means “cape”.


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Hybrid solar eclipse 2023. What is this phenomenon?

What is a hybrid solar eclipse? As Karol Wójcicki writes, this phenomenon occurs when the Moon casting a shadow on our planet is at such a special distance from it that, due to its curvature, it allows you to see a total eclipse in one place, but an annular eclipse in others.

“It will be the same on April 20, 2023 – then on one day on Earth we will be able to see both annular and total eclipses. In the 21st century, this will happen only seven times, which is 3.1 percent of solar eclipses in general!” – emphasized the popularizer of astronomy.

“To be clear, an annular eclipse occurs when the diameter of the Moon’s disk observed in the sky during the eclipse is slightly smaller than the diameter of the Sun’s disk. Then the Moon is not able to cover the entire disk of our star, and during the maximum phase in the sky we observe just such a solar ring” – Wójcicki wrote. This is not the case with a total eclipse. Then “the disc of the moon completely covers the sun”

He added that during a hybrid eclipse we do not see these two phenomena at the same time. “The Moon’s shadow will race across the Earth’s surface and the eclipse will vary. First, there will be a short annular eclipse (up to about five seconds) at sunrise over the southern Indian Ocean, and then it will quickly turn into a total eclipse. off the coast of East Timor, it will last about one minute and 16 seconds.

Hybrid solar eclipse 2023. Can you watch it in Poland?

Will the phenomenon be visible in Poland? Unfortunately not. As Wójcicki writes, you will be able to admire them only on a small part of the peninsula in north-western Australia, East Timor and West Papua.

We have to wait until March 29, 2025 for the solar eclipse visible in Poland. Then there will be a partial form of this phenomenon.

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