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Hybrid solar eclipse 2023. Two phenomena in one. Details

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A hybrid solar eclipse is coming soon. This extremely rare phenomenon will occur in some parts of the world. When and where will you be able to admire them? Check the details.

On Thursday, April 20, in the morning of Polish time, there will be a hybrid solar eclipse. Unfortunately, this fascinating astronomical phenomenon will not be visible in Poland.

An unusual combination

Total solar eclipses are very spectacular phenomena that attract crowds of people who want to experience a unique experience. There are several types of eclipses: total, partial, annular, and hybrid. The latter are the rarest – they occur two or three times a century.

A total eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon completely covers the disk of the sun. The so-called total eclipse belt is generally narrow and moves along the surface of the Earth with the course of the phenomenon. Farther away from it, we see only a partial eclipse.

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Sometimes it happens that the distance of the Moon from the Earth does not allow to completely cover the Sun’s disk and a glowing rim will remain around the dark disk of the Moon. Such an eclipse is called annular (not to be confused with the solar corona visible during a total eclipse).

On April 20, there will be a combination of both types of eclipses. In some sections of the eclipse belt it will be seen as total and in others as annular. This is influenced by the curvature of the Earth. This type of solar eclipse is called a hybrid.


Hybrid solar eclipse. Details

The belt of the annular phase of the eclipse will begin at 4.37 am Polish time in the Indian Ocean, several hundred kilometers west of the Kerguelen Islands. As it moves east, the width of this belt will decrease from 5 kilometers to 0 kilometers in 21 seconds.

Then about 200 km north of these islands, the eclipse will become a total eclipse. Its belt will become wider and wider, for example at 5.00 it will be 30 km wide and the eclipse at its center will last 41 seconds. At 5.30 our time, the eclipse will be visible in the north-western part of Australia. The maximum of the eclipse will occur near the island of Timor in the Malay Archipelago at 6.17. The total phase there will last exactly one minute and 16 seconds, and the width of the total eclipse belt will be 50 km.

Later, the eclipse will enter the waters of the Pacific Ocean and at 7.55 in the Marshall Islands archipelago will become ringing again. It will end approximately two minutes later.

We’ll wait for the next one

The eclipse will be visible across Australia, Southeast Asia and Oceania as a partial eclipse. The phenomenon will not be visible in Poland. Internet broadcasts remain eager to admire it.

The last time there was a hybrid solar eclipse was in 2013, and the next one after this year will have to wait until 2031. The next one will not occur until 2164.

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