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Hydrological drought in part of the country. What is this phenomenon? IMGW alerts

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In parts of the country, there are regions that have received little rainfall in recent weeks. IMGW forecasters issued alerts regarding hydrological drought. Check where they apply.

Hydrological drought is a phenomenon that manifests itself in a long-term reduction in the amount of water in rivers and lakes. Experts of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management have issued warnings against it in the following catchments:

– Ina and Płonia in the province West Pomeranian;

– Drawy in the province West Pomeranian, Lubuskie and Greater Poland;

– Czerny Wielka in the province Lower Silesia and Lubuskie.

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Due to low water flows, water flows are expected to remain below the so-called mean low flow (SNQ) in the following days in the above-mentioned areas.

“The warning is issued when the current or forecast flow values ​​at water gauge stations considered representative are below the SNQ for at least 10 days within one hydrological area (which includes a group of catchments monitored by PSHM)” – the forecasters reported.

Alerts will be valid until further notice.

IMGW hydrological alertsIMGW

Hydrological drought. What is?

Hydrological drought is also called “hydrological low water”. It concerns surface waters and occurs when the flow in rivers falls below the long-term average value. This is a period of reduced surface water resources in relation to the long-term average value. Hydrological drought is another stage of deepening atmospheric and agricultural drought.


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