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Hydrological situation in Poland. IMGW alerts

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Although the rainfall on Wednesday was not that intense, hydrological alerts still persist in some regions. IMWM weather forecasters issued third and second degree alarms due to rainwater runoff. There are places where alarm states have been exceeded.

The rainfall on Wednesday was not as abundant as on the previous day. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management reported that they were found only in the southern part of Poland. The largest sum was recorded at the Dolina Pięć Stawów station, where 44.7 liters of water per square meter fell, and at Hala Gąsienicowa – 34.7 l / sq m. For comparison – on Tuesday, as much as 102 liters of water per square meter fell in Szczyrk.

The rainfall zone has shifted beyond the country’s borders. On Thursday, precipitation is not excluded, but if it does occur, it will be light and fleeting.

Alarm and warning states exceeded

At around 3 o’clock on Thursday, IMWM informed that the emergency levels were exceeded at 10 water gauge stations in the Vistula basin and at five stations in the Odra basin. Warning states, on the other hand, at 74 stations throughout the country. The water level was starting to drop gradually.

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Third degree hydrological alerts of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management

However, tertiary hydrological alerts are still in place.

They concern the voivodeship Małopolskie (the Lesser Vistula and Skawa basins to the Świnna Poręba reservoir, the Dunajec to the Sromowce Wyżne reservoir, Czarna Orawa and the Soła and Skawa rivers below the reservoirs), the eastern part of the province. Silesia, north-western part of the province. Świętokrzyskie, as well as the north-eastern regions of the province. Łódź.

“The runoff of rainwater is in progress at places above the warning and alarm levels. The warning levels may be exceeded in points” – reads the IMWM release.

The alerts will be valid until 8 a.m. on Thursday.

Second degree hydrological alerts of IMWM

Second degree warnings also apply. These apply to the province. Lesser Poland (the Raba and Dunajec basins from the Sromowce Wyżne reservoir to the Czchów, Poprad, Biała Tarnowska reservoirs and the Dunajec River below Czchów, the Vistula River from the mouth of the Raba to the mouth of the Dunajec), Opole (Odra and Mała Panew) of Lower Silesia (the Czarna Woda River basin) – Kaczawa, Czarna Woda (Bystrzyca, Ślęza, Oława, Baryczy) tributaries) and Greater Poland (rivers in the Barycz and Widawa basin and the Łużyca basin).

As it has been written, warning states may be exceeded due to rainwater runoff.

Alarms will expire at 8 on Thursday.

Hydrological warnings 02.09TVNmeteo.pl for IMGW

What is the third degree hydrological alarm

As the definition of IMWM says, a third level warning means that “water levels (observed or forecasted) are in the zone above the alarm levels”.

What is the second degree hydrological alarm

A second level warning means that “water conditions (observed or forecasted) are in the zone above the warning conditions but below the alarm conditions”.

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