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The second reading of the draft amendments to the Penal Code has taken place. It provides for partial decriminalization and decriminalization of acts related to termination of pregnancy. Law and Justice is asking for its rejection in its entirety. The Left is appealing for support, speaking of a small step towards women's safety. We will find out who decides to take this step on July 12, because that is when the vote will take place.

Few MPs in the plenary chamber wanted to take part in the debate with such arguments: – The District Court in Kielce sentenced Dariusz H. to a total sentence of one year of imprisonment suspended for two years for the crime of helping his 14-year-old daughter have an abortion – said Ewa Szymanowska, MP of Poland 2050-Trzejcie Droga.

– The girl's 35-year-old mother admitted to helping. The District Court in Opole found the 35-year-old guilty and agreed with the prosecutor's request. He sentenced the woman to one year in prison, suspended for three years, and that's what this act is about, it's not about what you think – indicated another case, MP of the Civic Coalition Dorota Łoboda.

The draft law decriminalizes abortion, i.e. releases from criminal liability anyone who, with the woman's consent, helps her have an abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy, is unacceptable not only to Law and Justice, but also to part of the Polish People's Party.

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Third Way MPs Divided

– Anyone who agrees to the defenseless killing of the defenseless, as the drafters of the bill want, opens wide not a gate, but the entire gate, the front door, to the civilization of death – assessed Law and Justice MP Lidia Burzyńska.

It is precisely the liberalization of abortion law that conservative members of the ruling coalition fear.

– To a large extent, it allows and creates solutions that facilitate termination of pregnancy, which I am against – says Krzysztof Paszyk, Minister of Development and Technology from the Polish People's Party-Third Way.

And it is mainly to the Third Way MPs that the Left's arguments are addressed. – Terminating one's own pregnancy is not punishable under Polish law, it is not a criminal act. All the more so, one cannot punish for helping in something that is not a crime – pointed out the Left MP Anna Maria Żukowska.

– Who terminates a woman's pregnancy with her consent, but how can we assess whether this consent was not forced, since if you pass the law, most abortions will be medical? – asked Confederation MP Karina Bosak.

Law and Justice and Confederation will vote against the bill, while Civic Coalition and the Left will vote in favor. Whether the Sejm adopts the bill will depend on the votes of the very divided Polish People's Party and Poland 2050.

– I am still trying to calibrate my decision, I will definitely not be against it, I can already say that today. However, whether I will abstain or vote for it – I will decide tomorrow – said the Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia.

– For me, this bill is very much needed and I will vote for the adoption of this bill – announced Agnieszka Kłopotek, MP of the Polish People's Party.

Will Andrzej Duda sign the bill on decriminalizing assisted abortion? The president respondsTVN24

Tomczyk: we are absolutely in favor of the right to choose until the 12th week

The only thing the Civic Coalition club can be certain of is how its MPs will vote. – Some people do not declare how they will vote, so it is difficult to count, we are on the border – said MP Dorota Łoboda.

– We are absolutely in favor of women having the right to choose until the 12th week of pregnancy. This is a European standard and in a normal, civilized country in the 21st century I cannot imagine it being any different – said Cezary Tomczyk, deputy minister of national defense from the Civic Coalition.

There is no party discipline in ideological matters in the clubs, but the discussion about the bill at the meeting of the Parliamentary Club of the Polish People's Party was very long.

– No one in the club is particularly trying to convince me to change my mind and be against it, therefore I am not forcing my colleagues to vote for this bill – said Agnieszka Kłopotek.

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Some are convinced by the fact that the closest relatives of pregnant women will not be punished, others by the fact that the chilling effect on doctors afraid to save the lives of pregnant women will disappear, others do not change their minds.

– This call for women's rights is a call and a scream – that's how I perceive it – to us, men, a call for the responsibility of every man for his woman. A call for love and care – he said Law and Justice MP Władysław Kurowski.

– You talk a lot about protecting life, this act protects life. Women's lives – emphasized Marcelina Zawisza, MP of the Left.

Vote on bill decriminalizing abortion on July 12.

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