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I think that on Friday the leaders will be able to confirm that the coalition is a fact

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Before Donald Tusk went to Wrocław, he met in the morning with the leaders of the democratic opposition groups, because work on the coalition agreement and the division of positions is still ongoing. Donald Tusk assures that the leaders will be ready to initial the coalition agreement before Independence Day.

If there is anyone who has a complete political puzzle in his head, it is Donald Tusk – the democratic opposition’s candidate for prime minister, who has been conducting coalition consultations on the shape of the new government for three weeks.

On Monday, the leader of the Civic Platform came to Jagodno in Wrocław not only to thank the voters, but also – as he announced – to report on the talks so far. – The coalition is finalized in every detail. We will be ready to initial the coalition agreement before Independence Day. I think that on Friday the leaders who conducted these talks will be able to confirm that the coalition is a fact, he said.

This is the first public appearance of the leader of the Civic Coalition – except when, together with the leaders of other parties, he announced his willingness to form a coalition and was presented as a candidate for prime minister. Donald Tusk does not give interviews or hold press conferences. He decided that he would communicate the first findings directly to voters. – These conversations were very comfortable for me and were surprisingly consistent. No one was cheating anyone there, every second of these conversations between the leaders of the democratic parties that won the elections confirmed that everyone took what they said during the campaign very seriously, Tusk assured.

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Final decisions about the future government are made only by the leaders of the four parties that make up the future coalition. The coalition agreement is already ready. – In this one, the leaders are working on it. We have submitted the draft contract, so all final arrangements are made by the leaders and we are waiting for information on this matter – says Dariusz Wieczorek, MP from the New Left.

It is up to the leaders to decide personally how the issue of abortion will be described in the coalition agreement, because the coalition partners’ opinions differ in this case. – There is nothing extraordinary that the leaders of the parties that won the elections simply meet and talk to each other – emphasizes Krzysztof Śmiszek, MP from the New Left.

Tusk: we will be ready to initial the coalition agreement by FridayORGANIZER’S PHOTOS

Two parts of the coalition agreement

The coalition agreement will consist of two parts – substantive and programmatic, consisting of approximately 15 pages, and political, regarding the division of positions and areas of responsibility. It is also known that the government will be strongly political. It is to be composed of politicians and MPs with extensive experience.

– This will be a very tough government, because it is true that tough decisions will be needed in many places. We are aware of what the country looks like today after eight years of PiS rule, says Cezary Tomczyk, MP from the Civic Coalition. – Today we need very quick decisions in various areas and we also need full support from the parliamentary support – adds MP Wieczorek.

An important politician of the Civic Coalition is to become the Minister of Culture, because his role is to depoliticize TVP within 24 hours. Other decisions are also to be made quickly. – Resolution regarding judges of the Constitutional Tribunal, because double judges cannot adjudicate in this Tribunal. This is certainly also a restoration of normality in the Sejm, in the parliament. I think that this is also the area of ​​the rule of law in a broader sense, the Act on the Supreme Court, in vitro – says Miłosz Motyka from the Polish People’s Party.

There is also to be a large representation of women in the new government. – Women also showed that they would like women in power – emphasizes Barbara Nowacka, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

Main photo source: PAP/Sebastian Borowski

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