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“I think the jewel in the crown was the Profeto Foundation”

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– Piotr W., the general contractor of the center built by the Profeto Foundation, told us about a rigged competition from the Justice Fund – Maria Pankowska from OKO.press reported in “Fakty po Faktach”, adding that earlier it could have been suspected. According to Sebastian Klauziński, the new findings paint a picture of the Fund, which was used “to support its own people”. – And I think the jewel in the crown of this was the Profeto Foundation – he emphasized.

Sebastian Klauziński from tvn24.pl and Maria Pankowska from OKO.press took a closer look at the Justice Fund grants to the Profeto Foundation. They also talked to Piotr W. – the main contractor of the Foundation's center built for PLN 100 million from the Fund.

According to W., who is also facing charges in the case concerning the Fund, Profeto's investment was planned even before the PIS to power. Already in 2017 – three years before the Justice Fund competition – Father Michał O. was supposed to know that he would get money. During the construction, Piotr W. – as he claims – with the knowledge and approval of Father O. and his father, was trading fake invoices, and the profits from this procedure – i.e. money from the Fund – were shared with Profeto and the priest's father. In addition, the priest, with the help of Piotr W., was supposed to withdraw 3.65 million zlotys from the Fund thanks to a fictitious lease of a plot of land. And these are only some of the findings of journalists from tvn24.pl and OKO.press.

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“We could have suspected it a little”

Klauziński and Pankowska talked about the behind-the-scenes of their work in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

– Piotr W., the general contractor of the center built by the Profeto Foundation in Warsaw's Wilanów district, told us about a rigged competition from the Justice Fund. These were things that we could have suspected a little bit, it was never clearly stated before that the contractor of this center knew that the Profeto Foundation would entrust him with building it much, much earlier, before the Justice Fund competition for the construction of such a therapeutic center for victims of crime was announced – said the journalist. She noticed that this money was discussed even “before PiS came to power”. She pointed out that the contractor “knew that such an investment by the Profeto Foundation would take place, because he had contact with the father of the priest, Michał O., who is also a construction worker”. – And these gentlemen simply talked to each other about these plans, which are to take place only after PiS comes to power – she summed up.

“To support our own”

When asked what the Justice Fund was really needed for, Klauziński said “to support our own people”. – And perhaps the jewel in the crown of this was the Profeto Foundation, or the Foundation of Father Michał O., which received the largest grant in the history of the Fund – he emphasized.

What was the Justice Fund needed for? “To support our own”TVN24

As he said, “initially it was supposed to be 40 million zlotys”. – But we have evidence that after that in the following years priest Michał O. simply came to the ministry, came to the then deputy minister Marcin Romanowski for more money, and Marcin Romanowski said: please five million, please 10 and 15, if necessary, priest. And he signed further annexes for further tranches for the Profeto Foundation. In total, the Foundation was supposed to receive almost 100 million – the journalist from tvn24.pl reported.

He pointed out that “the new authorities of the ministry blocked these payments at a certain point” and “the Foundation received 66 million”. In the meantime – he emphasized – “the center is still not finished”.

Main image source: TVN24

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