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Iceland. Another eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The lava approached Grindavik

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The strongest volcanic eruption since December occurred on Saturday on the Icelandic Reykjanes Peninsula. The evacuation of the city of Grindavik was ordered, where three houses were destroyed as a result of one of the previous eruptions. Now the lava flows are stopped by special dams. The eruption did not affect the operation of nearby airports.

On Saturday evening, the fourth volcanic eruption since December last year occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland. The eruption began between the Skogfells and Hagafells mountains north of Grindavik. The lava flow was preceded by small seismic shocks, reported the Icelandic Meteorological Institute.

The phenomenon was initially accompanied by a very rapid flow of lava, the flow of which reached the protective embankments of Grindavik on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Later, the lava began to flow towards the sea. As Halldor Geirsson, professor at the Institute of Geosciences at the University of Iceland, emphasized, “the barriers appear to be doing the job they were designed for.”

Evacuated once again

On Saturday evening, the nearby Blue Lagoon thermal baths were evacuated, and the residents of Grindavik, with a population of 4,000, were evacuated once again recently.

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– We sat down in a restaurant to eat dinner and after 10 minutes, when the waiter was serving me wine, sirens sounded – described Melissa Ezair, a tourist from the United States. – People here seem to be coping with the situation. Some leave the endangered area in their own cars, others use buses. Nobody panics, screams or cries. Everyone is compact and ready to leave, she reported.

The eruption did not affect aircraft services at Keflavik Airport or other nearby airports.

This is the strongest eruption

As geophysicist Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, who observed the area from the air, told the Icelandic broadcaster RUV, the current eruption is the strongest in the series. The fissure through which the lava flows was about 3.5 kilometers long on Saturday morning.

The photos show lava gushing and flowing, as well as clouds of rising orange smoke.

Rikke Pedersen from the Nordic Volcanological Center and the University of Iceland noted that the volcanic eruption was expected. – The meteorological services issued messages about an upcoming eruption in this place, but of course the exact moment cannot be predicted – she said.

Appeal to tourists

The Icelandic Civil Service appealed to tourists not to come near the site of the explosion. However, according to the RUV reporter, many people drove towards the eruption. “There are plenty of cars everywhere, and tourists have the opportunity to take great photos for their travel collections,” he reported.

This is the fourth volcanic eruption in this area since December 18 last year. In mid-January, flowing lava damaged a road and destroyed three houses in Grindavik, and in February waterworks and electricity networks. After these events, many residents never returned to the town.

We also received photos of the eruption on… Contact 24.

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Main photo source: Contact 24/Marlena

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