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Iceland. Parliamentary elections. Women won almost half the seats

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Iceland will not be the first country in Europe with a majority of women in parliament, the representative of the election commission announced on Sunday evening after recounting votes in one of the constituencies. Previously reported information by agencies indicated that women would get more than half of the seats in the Icelandic parliament.

Initially, the number of votes indicated that there would be 33 MPs in the 63-seat parliament, or 52.3 percent. places will go to women. However, the recalculation of votes in one of the six districts changed this result. There will be 30 women in the new parliament, almost 48 percent.


Women’s Parliament

In this situation, Iceland will not become the first country in Europe with the majority of women in the legislative authority, but their percentage will be the highest in the Old Continent anyway. There are 47 percent of the Swedish parliament. women.

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Althing – Icelandic parliament, considered to be the oldest in the worldShutterstock

Currently, in only five countries, at least half of the deputies in the world are women – in Rwanda (61%), Cuba (53%), Nicaragua (51%) and Mexico and the United Arab Emirates (50% each). .

There are 130 deputies in the Polish Sejm, which means that they have 28 percent of the seats. Women also hold 24 seats in the Senate (24 percent).

Katrín Jakobsdóttir – Prime Minister of IcelandJohannes Jansson / Wikipedia

It was only the second time since the financial collapse of 2008 that the Icelandic government survived until the end of its term. In the years 2007-2017, parliamentary elections were held five times.

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