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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Iceland. Parliamentary elections. Women won more than half the seats

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Saturday’s parliamentary elections in Iceland were won by the ruling right-left-wing coalition. After counting all the votes on Sunday, it turned out that 33 deputies will be sitting in the 63-seat unicameral parliament. This means that more than half of the seats will go to women.

The ruling right-left-wing coalition will have 37 MPs. The Green-Left Movement of Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir won eight seats in the parliament. Bjarni Benediktsson’s conservative Independence Party came third, followed by Sigurur Inga Johannsson’s center-right Progress Party fifth.


Women’s Parliament

There will be 33 deputies in the new parliament – nine more than in the previous term. This is the result of the division of political forces after counting all the votes cast on Sunday. This means that women will account for 52.3 percent of all seats.

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Althing – Icelandic parliament, considered to be the oldest in the worldShutterstock

AFP cites World Bank data which shows that so far no country in Europe has had more than half of the female MPs. In the Swedish parliament, for example, 47 percent. places go to women. Currently, in only five countries, at least half of the deputies in the world are women – in Rwanda (61%), Cuba (53%), Nicaragua (51%) and Mexico and the United Arab Emirates (50% each).

Katrín Jakobsdóttir – Prime Minister of IcelandJohannes Jansson / Wikipedia

It was only the second time since the financial collapse of 2008 that the Icelandic government survived until the end of its term. In the years 2007-2017, parliamentary elections were held five times.

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