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Idaho, USA. A tornado of unusual shape. “very rude”

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A tornado swept through Idaho on Friday. The element passed through the farmland without causing much damage, but its unusual shape drew attention. Internet users joked that it looked like a guitar or an uncensored gesture.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe weather warning for Idaho on Friday afternoon. They swept through the region storms and gales, but one tornado aroused the most interest.

The whirlwind formed in an agricultural area near the town of Grace around 12.30 local time (it was then 8.30 pm in Poland). The wind blew sand and dust into the air, and after a relatively short time the phenomenon dissipated. Local residents quickly sent information about the phenomenon to the NWS branch in the city of Pocatello.

Guitar or finger?

According to meteorologist Audra Moore, experts initially thought it was a squall tornado. gustnado) – a small and weak vortex, the formation of which is not related to the occurrence of ascending air movement in the storm supercell. A deeper analysis, however, showed that it was a full-fledged – albeit weak and quickly extinguished – tornado.

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However, the shape of the phenomenon aroused the greatest excitement in social media. Some compared the tornado to a guitar, while others saw it as a fist with the middle finger outstretched, which could suggest an obscene gesture.

“Very rude,” one user joked.

Main photo source: ENEX

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