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“Identity card” by Mikołaj Grynberg. Watch on TVN24 GO

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“Proof of Identity”, directed by Mikołaj Grynberg, is an original record of touching conversations with representatives of various generations of Polish Jews. How do they feel in contemporary Poland? What hurts them? What do they dream about? How does the memory of the Holocaust evolve and what role does it play in the minds of today’s 20-year-olds? From Friday, the documentary film produced by the POLIN Museum can be watched on TVN24 GO.


“Proof of Identity” is the directorial debut of the writer, reporter and photographer Mikołaj Grynberg (finalist of the “Nike” Literary Award, laureate of the Warsaw Literary Premiere). The film is an attempt to show the specificity of being a Polish Jew and living in a country whose history is full of events that have not happened anywhere else, but had a huge impact on the sense of identity among the Jewish community.

A film about Polish Jews, but not only

The participants in this moving picture represent all the generations of Jews living in Poland today. Grynberg also gives a voice to those who did not have direct contact with the survivors of their families. The interviews show a wide panorama of attitudes and experiences – the interviewees come from both large cities and the Polish provinces. Some left Poland. We look not only at the history of their families and their individual lives, but also ask questions about the present, about Polishness, and about anti-Semitism.

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However, this is not only a film about Polish Jews. It is a picture of the present – universal, because it refers to the questions we all face. Who we are. About how the place of birth influences our fate and our choices, about our fears and dreams. For Poland.

“ID card”. Only on TVN24 GOTVN24 GO / POLIN Museum

Mikołaj Grynberg is the author of the collections of stories “Rejwach” and “Confidential”, known for his insightful and honest conversations with the so-called “second generation” – children and grandchildren of Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust, published in “Survivors from the 20th century”, “I accuse Auschwitz. Family Tales “and” Book of Exit “. These discussions were the starting point for a joint project by Mikołaj Grynberg and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Where to watch “ID card”

The film’s premiere took place at the POLIN Museum on November 21 during the 19th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival – DAWID CAMERA. From December 3, the movie is available online only on TVN24 GO.

Main photo source: POLIN Museum

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