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If you have children, you should close the windows at home. A toddler's curiosity can lead to tragedy

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On July 2nd in Katowice, a 2.5-year-old boy fell from a third-floor window of a residential building. He survived, but was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where his condition is improving. The police appeal: if you have children at home, make sure that windows and doors are always secured, it's a matter of life and death. Stories as a warning.

When the accident happened, the 2.5-year-old boy and his two siblings were under the care of their grandmother. He was playing with his sister on a sofa bed that was under the window. The window was not closed. A moment of inattention was enough for it to end in tragedy.

– When the woman was changing the youngest child's diaper, the boy fell out of the window, from the third floor. Almost at the same moment the parents returned to the apartment and they called an ambulance – reports Agnieszka Żyłka, press officer from the City Police Headquarters in Katowice.

The incident occurred on July 2. Since then, the boy has been treated at the Upper Silesian Child Health Center. He is still in intensive care, but his health is improving.

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– The child was woken up from a pharmacological coma, he is breathing on his own, doctors are cautiously optimistic about the prognosis – says Wojciech Gumułka, spokesman for the Upper Silesian Health Centre.

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The warmer it is outside, the more such accidents occur.

A two-year-old girl who fell from the first floor of a tenement house in Kalisz, unfortunately, could not be saved. She died in hospital a few days later.

– Maka was sober at the time of the incident. At the moment, the police are determining the circumstances and course of the accident – informs Deputy Commissioner Anna Jaworska-Wojnicz, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Kalisz.

The warmer it is outside, the more often we open windows and balconies wide, the more such accidents there are – warn doctors from hospital emergency departments.

– During the holiday season, we always observe a significant increase in the number of pediatric patients with injuries, which is obvious, children are more active. Unfortunately, they are also often a bit more left without care – points out Dr. Patryk Konieczka, deputy head of the emergency department at the Wielkopolska Pediatric Center in Poznań.

There have been several such incidents since May. Among others, in Warsaw, Zgierz, Szczecinek and Gdańsk. Most of these children, who fell to the ground from a height of even a dozen or so meters, miraculously survived.

– In a child, the sutures are still unfused, especially in a small child, which gives the brain tissue a chance to expand in the event of cerebral edema – explains Patryk Konieczka. – Despite everything, the results of such falls in children are sometimes surprisingly good – he adds.

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Adults need to set boundaries for children

A child's curiosity knows no bounds. That is why an adult must set these boundaries and anticipate what a child of several years cannot even imagine, psychologists explain.

– Children develop very quickly and parents are not fully aware of the fact that at some point the child may do something that it has never done before – points out Czesław Michalczyk, a psychologist.

Many of these family tragedies could have been avoided, according to the police. – Let's not leave the windows wide open if it's warm – appeals Agnieszka Żyłka.

– What comes to my mind is to be with the child and pay attention to them all the time, not leave them to themselves and not go to the other room to do something, just be there all the time – says Ms. Justyna, a resident of Krakow.

– When I have small children, I especially do not leave them in rooms where the windows are open, and I try to close them – says Mrs. Anna, also a resident of Krakow.

To minimize the risk, it is worth investing in appropriate security, for example. They cost a few dozen zlotys. Not much compared to the price that can be paid for the life of a child.

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