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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ikea. Lettan mirror, Ikea extends the repair campaign – there is a statement from the network

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On Wednesday, Ikea announced the extension of the repair campaign for selected Lettan mirrors. The reason is cracking mountings – we read in the message. The Swedish chain appeals to customers to stop using mirrors and order free replacement mounts.

Ikea explained in Wednesday’s announcement that the network had received information “about cases of cracking of the mountings holding the Lettan mirror on the wall.” “As a result, the mirror may fall to the floor,” it added.

Ikea – Lettan mirrors

It was recalled that in January 2023, Ikea announced a repair of selected Lettan mirrors due to cracked mountings. “After further investigation, as well as additional inspections at our suppliers, we determined that the defective fasteners had been used in production for longer than Ikea was initially aware of,” it explained.

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Therefore, now – as part of preventive measures – the Swedish network has decided to extend the corrective action. As we read, the corrective action covers:

  • all Lettan mirrors with a production date up to 2105 (year-week) inclusive,
  • Lettan mirrors with supplier number 21944, with the production date up to 2325 (year-week) inclusive.


Ikea explained that the production date and supplier number can be found on a label on the back of the mirror. The message is accompanied by an example label with the supplier number (21944) and the production date (2105 = Year Year Week Week) marked in red.


To order spare parts with catalog number 139298/1, please contact the network at 22 275 00 00 or visit the Ikea website.

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