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Ilawa. A 10-year-old boy rode his bicycle in front of an oncoming car on a pedestrian crossing. Recording

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In Iława (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship), a 10-year-old boy rode his bicycle onto a pedestrian crossing, right under a moving car. Nothing serious happened to the boy. According to the police, he will explain his behavior in family court.

The incident took place on Friday (April 14) at the pedestrian crossing at ul. Biskupska in Iława, at the height of the tourist and recreation center. What happened on the lanes can be seen in the recording published by the police. The video shows another cyclist crossing the road first. A pedestrian follows him, and finally a boy enters the lanes.

– A 10-year-old riding a bicycle suddenly turned left, entering the pedestrian crossing right in front of a properly driving Toyota. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to the young resident of Iława, said the senior aspirant Joanna Kwiatkowska, the press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Iława.

The cyclist ran under the carKPP Iława

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The police remind you how to behave at the crossing

She added that the boy will have to explain himself to the family court for his behavior in the near future.

We also asked about the behavior of the cyclist who first crossed the crossing. – Documentation was prepared and sent to the District Court in Iława to the family and juvenile department. They are both minors. With the first of them, who was crossing the pedestrian crossing, the policemen had an educational conversation on the spot – the policewoman told us.

Kwiatkowska reminded that the pedestrian crossing – as the name suggests – is used by pedestrians to cross the road. Slightly different rules apply to cyclists.


– According to the road regulations, the cyclist is obliged to get off the bicycle and walk it through the pedestrian crossing if he wants to cross it. Riding a bicycle on a pedestrian crossing is not allowed, and ignoring this provision may result in a fine or a motion to court, explained the policewoman.

The incident happened on a pedestrian crossingKPP Iława

Main photo source: KPP Iława

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