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Ilawa. The four-year-old came to the store alone, having previously escaped from his parents during a walk. The police arrived on the spot

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A four-year-old boy appeared in one of the shops in Iława (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship). He was alone. At first, he couldn’t tell where he lived. He did not reveal his whereabouts until police arrived on the scene. It turned out that the child ran away from his parents during a walk. – He ran ahead, locked the gate in front of his parents, said “bye bye” and ran away – the officers report.

On January 1, after 12 noon, the police received a report of a boy walking alone. – The information was provided by a saleswoman from one of the stores. She said that the child could not indicate where he lived and did not know where his parents were – describes senior asp. Joanna Kwiatkowska from the police in Iława.

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He ran away from his parents while walking

The boy turned out to be four years old. “He knew he was in a safe environment and the police came to help him. Without hesitation, he showed where he lived. On the way to the boy’s house, the officers met his worried mother. She stated that she was with her son and husband for a walk in the forest, and when they returned, the four-year-old ran ahead and locked the gate in front of his parents, said “bye bye” and ran away – Kwiatkowska reports. And he adds that the parents ran out through another gate and started looking for their son. – We managed to find him thanks to the reaction of the witness and the help of the police. The four-year-old returned home safe and sound, Kwiatkowska emphasizes.

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