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Ilawa. The owner of the abandoned motorboat has not been found, now the finder will get it

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So far, no one has reported to the Lost and Found Office in Iława (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship) to pick up a motorboat abandoned almost two years ago on Jeziorak. According to the regulations, the boat will become the property of the finder in a few days.

The motorboat was admitted to the Lost and Found Office in Iława (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) in mid-June 2021. An unusual find was reported by the owner of a holiday resort and a sailing marina on the longest Polish lake – Jeziorak.

Someone had left a Fjord cabin boat with a suzuki engine by one of the piers. The motorboat does not have any numbers on the board or registration, because for vessels of this size they are not required.

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“It’s hard to tell what could have happened”

According to local media, a year earlier an elderly couple arrived in a motorboat at the marina, paid the mooring fee, then left and did not return.

– It’s hard to tell what could have happened. It’s a mysterious story and that’s it, Maria Jaworska, director of the organizational department in the Iława starosty, told PAP. She said the owner of the boat has not yet been identified.

“We’ve been trying to find him for some time, and we’ve also contacted the police about it. We put the motorboat on the lost and found list and waited. There were people who claimed that it could be their boat, but they did not provide any evidence, she added.

If the owner does not report, the motorboat will go to the finder or the poviat

The owner of the motorboat has a few days left to collect it from the Lost and Found office. Pursuant to the regulations, two years after the object has been found, it becomes the property of the finder. However, if he also fails to report within the prescribed period or informs that he does not want a motorboat, the ownership right will pass to the poviat.

According to director Jaworska, in such a situation, the poviat authorities would decide about the further fate of the motorboat. The county office could then evaluate and sell the boat by auction. It could also be transferred free of charge to one of the associations or to an inter-school sports center that trains young people in sailing and rowing.

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Bicycles and telephones, but also drones, a wig and a children’s swing

There have already been auctions of unclaimed bicycles in the Iława eldership. However, never before has such a large and valuable object as a motorboat been delivered to the Lost and Found Office. Most often these are lost mobile phones and bicycles, although there have also been unusual losses such as drones, a new wig or a children’s swing.

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