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Ilawa. They saw the keys in the car, decided to drive. They were both drunk

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Five years of imprisonment is threatened by a resident of Iława (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) who “borrowed” a car from the parking lot without permission. The car returned, although without a child seat. He drove the vehicle under the influence of alcohol with his – also drunk – friend.

An unusual situation occurred on Thursday in Iława. A few minutes after 9 o’clock, the police called a man who informed about the theft of the car. As it turned out, he absentmindedly forgot his car keys and left it in an unguarded parking lot next to the block. Someone used it and took the car.

Police: they took the car from the parking lot, drove around the city drunk

As we are told by senior aspirant Joanna Kwiatkowska from the District Police Headquarters in Iława, when the policemen were still working, someone parked a similar Renault in front of the block from under which the vehicle disappeared. – It turned out to be a car stolen last night. The policemen detained the driver and the passenger of the car. In the course of further activities, they found that the inhabitants of Iława took the vehicle standing in the parking lot and then drove it along the streets of the city. The men changed while driving, so the officers checked the sobriety of the driver and passenger – reports Kwiatkowska.

One of the detaineesKPP in Iława

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It turned out that the 48-year-old who was driving the car had three parts per mille of alcohol in his body and did not have a driving license. A friend of his had 3.2 per mille of alcohol in his body. The men were detained and placed in a police cell. In addition, the child seat has disappeared from the car.

Kwiatkowska reminds that, according to the law, whoever takes someone else’s motor vehicle for short-term use is punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years. Such an accusation was heard by the 48-year-old. In addition, both of them will be responsible for drunk driving, and the 48-year-old for the theft of a seat.

Main photo source: KPP in Iława

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