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Illegal landfills in Poland. Rosa Thun: people’s lives are not so essential for this government

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The government is responsible for this. If they believed that too much garbage is imported, and there is no comparison of the amount at all, then this amount had to be reduced, not increased dramatically, said Róża Thun, MEP of Poland 2050, in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. – I want to know where Minister Jacek Sasin responsible for Nitro-Chem is, because it is a state-owned company, and where are Anna Moscow and Jacek Dekora, i.e. those who are responsible for protection in this case – said PO MEP Andrzej Halicki.

PO MEP Andrzej Halicki and MEP Róża Thun from Poland 2050 referred to the problem of illegal landfills in Poland. TVN24 journalists discovered near Warsaw more places where hazardous waste is illegally depositedamong others, from the production of TNT, which in Poland is dealt with only by the state-owned company Nitro-Chem.

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Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow said on Friday in the Sejm that “the PO-PSL government has created an El Dorado for the mafia in Poland.” “The PO-PSL government brought six million tons of garbage to Poland and mined the entire country,” she said.

Halicki: where is Minister Sasin, where are Dekor and Moscow?

Civic Platform MEP Andrzej Halicki referring to these words in “Fakty po Faktach” said that “it’s nonsense and fraud”.

He pointed to the data, which, as he said, are available on the website of the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection. – (Years – ed.) 2014-2015 is when we ruled. The import of garbage was also a problem, because there was also the problem of disposal and the outlays for it are also important, but it is 100,000 tons, 140,000 tons. Since the PiS took power, each year more and more, by 100,000 tons of garbage imported from very different, sometimes even distant countries. Most shocking: Nigeria or Australia, but mainly European garbage, including very harmful ones – said Halicki.

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– Near me in Prażmów, this is a recent topic, two years ago barrels and substances clearly from Nitro-Chem appeared – he said. He added that people pay attention to it.

– The poor deceived lady who gave the warehouse has been fighting for two years to take it and dispose of it – he reported. – This waste was deposited by someone who received money for its disposal (…) Only he moved it from place to place – he noted.

– I want to know where the minister is (Jack) Sasin responsible for Nitro-Chem, because it is a state-owned company and where is Moscow and (Jacek) Dekora, i.e. those who are responsible for protection in this case – said the MEP. – And where are they? The decoration beats Grabiec, and Moscow says: “nothing happened,” he added.

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Thun: The government is responsible for this

The MEP of Poland 2050, Róża Thun, said that “the government is really responsible for this”. – If they believed that too much of this garbage is imported, and there is no comparison at all (…), then this amount had to be reduced, not increased dramatically – she said.

– But it seems to me that people’s lives in general, the lives of us, Polish citizens, are not so essential for this government – ​​she assessed.

– When you look at what they spend money on and what they don’t spend on, where they could invest – in hospitals, in health care, in climate protection – after all, nothing is happening in this matter – she said.

Andrzej Halicki and Róża Thun in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

Thun on a possible referendum on the relocation of migrants

Thun also referred in “Fakty po Faktach” to the issue of the referendum on the relocation of migrants that PiS wants to hold on the day of the parliamentary elections. On Friday, the Senate rejected the amendment to the law on the national referendum, which would allow such a referendum to be held on the same day as parliamentary, presidential or European Parliament elections.

“There is a clear opinion that a referendum on the same day as an election is acceptable, but it undermines the freedom and equality of elections,” Thun said. She added that “secondly, money can be spent on this referendum in a completely different way than it is spent on elections, so they are beyond the control of the electoral commission and this referendum will of course greatly affect the elections, if it happens.”

According to Thun, “we should now, as one of the main engines in Europe, create a common, wise, reasonable policy towards the countries from which the masses of migrants come.” – And the Polish government claims that it will put a fence on some border and that it will stop these migrants. It is already evident today that it does not stop, she added.

What about the Senate pact?

MEP Halicki was asked what was happening with the so-called Senate Pact Opposition. “The Senate pact is actually ready,” he replied. He added that it would be announced once the election date was known.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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