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Illegal waste dumps in Poland. Filip Folczak, co-author of the report on TVN24

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Waste from Nitro-Chem is still lying in illegal landfills, said Filip Folczak, co-author of the reportage “Wody Czerwone. How much do Jacek Sasin’s words mean?” on TVN24. – This waste does not have to explode, it does not have to burn. They simply affect people’s lives and health every day, he added.

Material is available on TVN24 GO, television premiere at 18:30 on TVN24.

– The safety of Poles is the most important thing for us – this is what the then head of the Ministry of State Assets said a few months ago Jacek Sasin. In August, he announced that he would deal with the issue of illegal waste from the Nitro-Chem company, but a few months after this declaration, chemicals from the state-owned company are still lying in illegal landfills and endangering the health of local residents.

“Wody Czerwone. How much do Jacek Sasin’s words mean?” by Olga Orzechowska and Filip Folczak is the second part of the reportage about hazardous waste stored in Poland.

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Folczak: organized criminal groups took over this waste

The guest of TVN24 was Filip Folczak, co-author of the report. – It is extremely easy to go to a press conference, arrange an interview with a journalist, appear on TV and promise: we will take responsibility, we will clean up our waste. But when it comes to action, after several months since we published our findings, we check what is happening and it turns out that absolutely nothing is happening – he said.

As he said, “waste from Nitro-Chem is still lying in illegal landfills.” – 145 days ago, we revealed that Nitro-Chem had gotten into such a situation that organized criminal groups and the waste mafia took over this waste and this waste ended up in at least eight illegal hazardous waste landfills – he added.

– Nitro-Chem had this knowledge before we did. They didn’t learn this from us, from our findings, they knew all about it. Then, when the matter came to light, both the president and the minister promised that they would deal with the issue, but nothing happened, he said.

Folczak: this waste poses a deadly threat, it does not have to explode, it does not have to burn

– Let us remember that this waste poses a truly deadly threat. Being around this waste, this waste doesn’t have to explode, it doesn’t have to burn. They simply affect people’s lives and health every day. When you read the opinions of court experts who define what is in some of these tanks, your hair stands on end. Cancer and reproductive problems are things we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy, he said.

As he said, “the inhabitants of our country, many towns, are exposed to this waste every day.” – (Nitro-Chem – ed.) This is a company that produces TNT, a strong explosive. Waste from the production of this TNT first ends up in the hands of gangsters who earn millions of zlotys from it. Secondly, this waste ends up in places that should never be there. And thirdly, when the matter comes to light and it turns out that the milk has been spilled, despite all this, despite this scandal that is taking place, nothing changes – he continued.

Filip Folczak on TVN24 TVN24

Folczak also told about an attempt to contact the then Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, by one of the people who lives next to the illegal waste dump. – We enabled her to call Minister Jacek Sasin and ask when she would fulfill her promises. The minister initially answered and seemed to be completely unaware of the topic. He promised to call back. Ultimately, he didn’t call back and later he didn’t answer the phone, he said.

– There is such a place, it is Rogowiec near Bełchatów, there is the largest illegal waste dump in Poland, 50,000 tons and the village of Rogowiec is located lower than this landfill. And if anything happens, there is an explosion, the waste starts to flow and leak, the village will no longer exist. And these are not my words, these are the words of the residents, the words of Mr. Jerzy, who lives several dozen meters from this waste and these people have to face it – said the co-author of the report.

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