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Illegal waste in Poland. The European Commission received a complaint from Poland against Germany

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The European Commission has received a complaint from Poland against Germany for illegally imported waste. “We will review it,” European Commission spokesman Adalbert Jahnz said in Brussels on Thursday, adding that the Commission had no deadlines to deal with the complaint.

Poland submitted a complaint to the European Commission Germany for illegally imported waste; this is the first step in the proceedings before the Court of Justice of the EU – said the Minister of Climate and Environment on Wednesday Anna Moscow.

Announcement by the minister

As she pointed out during Wednesday’s press conference, there are 35,000 in seven landfills in Poland. tonnes of illegal waste imported into our country from Germany.

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The minister pointed out that Poland had repeatedly intervened with its western neighbor at the state, federal level, “calling for the removal of the German garbage that is illegally lying on Polish soil.”

– We were left with no choice. We use a path that can be used by any European country, we use a complaint to the European Commission, which is the first stage of proceedings before the Court of Justice, stated the head of the Ministry of Culture and Environment.

Minister Moscow appealed to the “very green German government to take away German garbage”. As she said, the Polish taxpayer “cannot pay for the disposal, for the management of German garbage.”

Reply of the German Ministry of the Environment

In an earlier response to TVN’s “Fakty” inquiry, Christopher Stolzenberg, a spokesman for the German Ministry of the Environment, stated that the complaint that Minister Anna Moscow was talking about had not yet reached them, so they could not comment on its content. “Based on Article 259 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union European Commission deliver a reasoned opinion, giving the Member States concerned the opportunity to submit written and oral comments. If the Commission does not issue an opinion within three months, an action may be brought before the European Court of Justice even in the absence of such an opinion.

A spokesman for the German environment ministry said they were concerned about “the fact that there are illegal shipments of waste from Germany”.

“According to the coalition agreement, the Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke is obliged to improve the prevention of illegal shipments of waste in the EU. At the same time, however, the division of competences provided for in the German Basic Law must be respected: the federal government is responsible for legislation, while the Länder are responsible for enforcing the law – indicates the division of responsibilities and states that “his ministry is currently lobbying at EU level for improvements, including in the framework of negotiations on amending the European Waste Shipment Regulation”.

“Only an EU-wide regulation can improve enforcement and the investigative activities of the authorities, for example through digital procedures. What needs to be done in terms of investigative work and, if necessary, ordering return transports in the case of illegal shipments is a matter for the Länder. “The ministry is not involved in specific procedures, we know that in one case a federal state ordered the return transport of illegally shipped waste. More detailed information on suspected illegal shipments is not available to the ministry. This should be requested from the federal states.” press officer.

Import of waste to Poland under the PO-PSL and PiS governments

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