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“I'm going to vote because…” There are many reasons. The European Union has a major impact on our reality

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Young people are terrified of the climate catastrophe, while older people think about queues to the doctor and energy bills. We all breathe equally good and bad air. Sometimes we have different and sometimes the same problems. What to do with them will be decided by the people we elect on June 9. That is why organizations, actors and social activists appeal not to give up your voice.

On Friday, two days before the elections, the European Ball will be held in Warsaw. – Its purpose is to spread information about the European Union and how one vote can have a very positive impact – says Weronika Chmielewska, the initiator and coordinator of the campaign.

– We invite 500 people, young people, from all over Poland – explains Alessandra Jabłonowska, co-organizer of the “European Ball”. – I'm taking off my skirt and going to the ball today and to the elections on Sunday – he adds.

You do not need an invitation to the polling stations. Just come on Sunday and vote. – In beautiful weather, you should go and vote for competent people who deserve it, not for those who have already been discredited – says Michał Żebrowski, actor and director of the 6th Floor Theater.

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– I often hear people say: “I'm not interested in politics.” Well, if we are not interested in politics, it will definitely be interested in us – points out Martyna Wojciechowska, journalist and traveler.

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For Olgierd Łukaszewicz, known for his role as Albert in “Seksmission”, who has been reminding us for years at the My Citizens of the European Union Foundation what being in the EU gives us, these are the most important elections. – There is no independence without European unity and this will be decided the day after tomorrow. You have to go there and say: Poles are real Euro-enthusiasts – emphasizes the actor.

European Parliament elections. Head of the National Electoral Commission: almost 32,000 voting districtsTVN24

They go to the polls because they have reasons

Everyone has their own reason to send someone to the European Parliament who will do something good on their behalf.

– I'm going to the European elections because the next decade will be crucial when it comes to the climate catastrophe – reveals actor Michał Sikorski. – We can speak out on social policy, health policy, our investments, our security – says actress Izabela Kuna.

– Right now, in the face of the fact that these threats are growing so much and these challenges are so huge, the EU should have representatives who understand these situations and who have the ability to look for common solutions – says director Agnieszka Holland.

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The organizers of the social campaign “Brussels is not a resort” appeal to choose wisely. – Let's choose those who will really understand why the unity of Europe is crucial in the times we are in now, in the face of the war in Ukraine – says Agnieszka Muras, vice-president of the School for Leaders Foundation. Turnout in Sunday's elections is of great importance. Poland is divided into 13 districts. Those districts where more people vote will have more representatives in the European Parliament. – If we want Pomerania to have a strong representation in the European Parliament, for example, we need to vote in large numbers in Pomerania, much more than in other electoral districts – explains Dr. Paweł Trawicki, a political scientist from the University of Gdańsk.

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