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IMGW alerts. Rapid rise in water levels and exceeded warning levels. Level 2 and level 1 hydrological warnings

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In three voivodeships, high water levels above warning levels are possible. IMGW’s orange alerts in the Dolnośląskie, Opolskie and Lubelskie voivodeships are in force in connection with the runoff of rainwater and snowmelt. For parts of Lower Silesia, lower, first degree warnings were also issued against a rapid rise in water levels due to rainfall.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued a second degree hydrological warning against high water levels exceeding warning levels for the area: Bug from the mouth of Uherka to Krzyczew Lublin) and Widawa from Namysłów to the mouth of the Oder (province Lower Silesia and Opole).

Exceeding warning states

As reported IMGWin connection with the runoff of rainwater and snowmelt, “a further increase in the water level in the zone of high water levels is forecast, with the warning level on the Bug River in the Krzyczew profile being exceeded”.

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In Widawa below Namysłów, “water levels will increase in the high water zone: in Sprzedażowa above the warning level, in Krzyżanowice with the possibility of exceeding the warning level” – we read in the release.

Alert for the province Dolnośląskie and Opolskie will be in force until 11 am on Sunday, and the province. Lublin will expire at 13 on the same day.

Rapid rise in water level

IMWM also issued first degree warnings against a rapid rise in river water levels Lower Silesia. They were issued for the area: Neisse Kłodzka with Ścinawka, Klikawa, Żydawka, Czermnica, Zdoniowski Potok, Orlica, Upper Bystrzyca to the Mietków Reservoir, Strzegomka to Łażany, the Bóbr River to the Pilchowice Reservoir, Kwisa upper to the Leśna Reservoir, Ostrożnica, Izera. As reported, “in the areas of forecasted rainfall, water levels are expected to rise to the zone of high levels”. According to forecasters, on smaller rivers, increases may be rapid. “Locally, warning levels may be exceeded, especially in the catchment area of ​​the upper Bóbr river” – added.

The alert will be valid until 10 am on Sunday.

What is the second stage IMGW hydrological alarm

A second degree warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in a zone above the warning levels, but below the alert levels”.

What is the IMGW hydrological alarm of the first degree

A first degree warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone below the warning levels – with a rapid increase in water levels expected”.

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