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Import of eggs and chicken meat from Ukraine. Polish farmers appeal for government intervention

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Reinstatement of customs duties and quotas for poultry meat and eggs from Ukraine and blocking the import of food that does not meet EU safety standards are demanded by representatives of Polish poultry organizations from the Minister of Agriculture and the European Commission.

Paweł Podstawka, chairman of the National Federation of Poultry Breeders and Egg Producers, which brings together about two thousand entities in this industry, told PAP that representatives of several poultry organizations from all over Poland presented their demands to the Ministry of Agriculture regarding uncontrolled imports of poultry meat and eggs from Ukraine. – Since the abolition of customs duties and quotas for poultry meat and eggs from Ukraine, gigantic amounts of these goods enter the European Union at prices significantly lower than the production costs in EU member states. This is the result of not only lower labor costs, but above all, the lack of animal welfare requirements or sanitary procedures that apply to breeders in EU countries. What’s worse, for procedural reasons, customers may be misled as to the country of origin of this food, the president of KFHDiPJ told PAP.

Poultry farmers want restrictions on products from Ukraine

Industry representatives call for reinstatement of customs duties and quotas for products from Ukraine and blocking the import of food that does not meet the safety standards in force in the EU. Poultry farmers expect the relevant offices from Poland and Ukraine to determine the destination for products transported in transit through Poland. They also want Polish inspections to pay more attention to goods entering the country and transported through Polish territory. – As a community, we are pleased that the Polish authorities have taken up a topic that we have been talking about for several months. At the same time, we must remember that the effects of the authorities’ inaction in liquidation or radical limitation of this phenomenon may have a negative impact on the entire industry, which is associated with about 100,000 people, and annual production is estimated at billions of zlotys. We now expect concrete and urgent action, said Paweł Podstawka.

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The Ministry of Agriculture is aware of the problem and is working on it

As the chairman of KFHDiPJ said, the poultry farmers presented their demands during Tuesday’s meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and hope that the Polish authorities will present the EC with a report illustrating the scale of the problem and the consequences that uncontrolled food imports may cause in the EU countries. The demands of poultry farmers were addressed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Janusz Kowalski, who said that his ministry would recommend reintroducing customs duties and quotas for meat and fresh eggs from Ukraine, about which the European Commission would be informed. “I am in favor of reintroducing tariffs because agriculture is a system of interconnected vessels. At the moment, the position of the Polish government is being worked out, the Ministry of Agriculture is presenting a firm position on this matter (…) it cannot be that one Dutch company, not Ukrainian poultry producers, earns even on the import of poultry from Ukraine to the EU. I trust that we will speak with one voice to protect not only Polish but also European producers from such practices,” said Kowalski.

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