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Import of LPG from Russia to Poland. Bartosz Kwiatkowski, director of the Polish LPG Association, comments

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According to the analysis of Forum Energii, in 2022 Poland was the largest importer of LPG from Russia in the entire European Union. As Bartosz Kwiatkowski, director of the Polish LPG Association argues, the Russian aggression against Ukraine has strengthened the trend of looking for alternatives to these supplies. – In May last year, for the first time in history since 1990, a country other than Russia delivered the largest amount of liquefied gas to Poland – he said.

Poland was the largest importer of LPG from Russia throughout the European Union. About PLN 3 billion was paid for Russian LPG, according to an analysis by Forum Energii (FE).

“Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, about PLN 3 billion flowed from Poland for Russian LPG. On average, we spent PLN 280 million a month on LPG his purchases have not been curtailed after the Russian invasion, in fact they have increased and continue uninterruptedly (as of March 2023). A similar phenomenon is also observed in the Baltic states, the Forum pointed out. This happened because the EU embargo did not cover LPG supplies.

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Delivery options

The director of the Polish LPG Association, Bartosz Kwiatkowski, was asked if it was possible to fully replace LPG imports imported so far from Russia with fuels from other countries.

– In 2021 58.2 percent of LPG deliveries to the Polish market were made from the Russian Federation. In absolute terms, the scale of imports from Russia in 2019-21 decreased from 1.72 million tons to 1.26 million tons. In 2022, the supply structure of the Polish market continued the trends from previous years. By September 2022, the share of deliveries from Russia amounted to 48.6 percent of total imports, this is about a 10 percentage point decrease compared to the previous year. In May last year, for the first time in history since 1990, a country other than Russia delivered the largest amount of liquefied gas to Poland – it was Sweden. Significant amounts of LPG also appeared in Poland for the first time USA Kwiatkowski said in an interview with PAP.

The director of POGP assessed that “Russian aggression against Ukraine strengthened the trend of searching for alternatives to the Russian market, and companies belonging to the Polish LPG Association started the process of reorganizing supplies immediately after the start of the Russian invasion.”

He indicated that in 2022, the share of deliveries made by sea via Baltic terminals increased to about 40%. – Currently, they can satisfy a maximum of about half of the supplies of liquid gas consumed on the Polish market, but the winter season proved that the bottleneck is the railway infrastructure. At the height of the heating season, LPG transports sometimes had to wait several days for the opportunity to leave the Tri-City ports – said Kwiatkowski.

The director of POGP pointed out that last year his organization “intervened in the matter of prioritizing coal transport from seaports, which in the light of the limited capacity of the railway infrastructure suspended the export of LPG delivered by LNG carriers to Baltic ports”.

– According to data received from the Ministry of Infrastructure in 2022, coal was responsible for about 50 percent of all rail transports leaving the ports of Gdańsk at the peak of the heating season – Kwiatkowski pointed out.

As the third option for Poland, after deliveries from the East and to sea terminals, he indicated rail and road deliveries from the West – from ARA ports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp) and German refineries.

– Here too the most important limitation is the availability of standard-gauge rail and road tankers. (…) Most transshipment terminals handling rail deliveries are located in the eastern part of Poland, in the past the largest LPG suppliers to the country were, apart from Russia, also Belarus, Kazakhstan and Lithuania (including the Mazeikiu refinery) – he concluded.

Minister Moscow: We are ready for these sanctions

Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow on Thursday in Radio Plus she was asked if anything would change when it comes to LPG, the import of which from Russia is not covered by EU sanctions.

Should there be EU sanctions on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), we are ready for it in economic and financial terms – assured on Thursday the Minister of Climate and Environment.

Minister Moscow said that Russian LPG is not imported by state-owned companies, but only by private entities. – These large recipients declared last year (…) that they would carry out full de-Russification. And it happened, said the minister. “We are ready for these sanctions,” she added.

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