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Imports of oil and gas from Russia to Poland in 2022. CREA analysis

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Poland has spent EUR 11.4 billion, or over PLN 53 billion, on the import of raw materials from Russia since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, according to an analysis by the Finnish Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA). EUR 8.4 billion, i.e. almost PLN 40 billion, was allocated for the import of crude oil alone.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shortly after the launch in February 2022 of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine announced “the most radical plan in Europe to move away from Russian hydrocarbons”. He then emphasized that Russia uses oil and gas as tools of blackmail and has called on everyone in Europe to follow in the footsteps of the Polish government.

In the case of Russian coal imports, the government reacted quickly and an embargo was passed in April. In the case of gas, the raw material stopped going to Poland due to the decision of Gazprom itself. As for oil, Orlen declares that from the beginning war in Ukraine completely resigned from the supply of Russian oil by sea and this applied to all refineries of the capital group. However, the company continued to import crude oil via the Przyjaźń pipeline under two previously concluded long-term contracts.

“The first place in terms of imports of Russian oil”

“The largest importer of Russian oil so far – Germany – since January, they have abandoned this (Russian – ed.) direction of supplies. Thus, Poland not only failed to keep its declaration (concerning the suspension of oil supplies until the end of 2022 – ed.), but also moved up to the first place in terms of imports of Russian oil in the entire European Union.

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Orlen’s contract with Rosneft (expired in February) provided for the supply of 300,000. tons of crude oil per month, and with Tatneft (contract until 2024) provided for deliveries of 200 thousand. tons of crude oil monthly. Which means that in January 500,000 came to Poland. tons of Russian oil.

“Orlen itself was the largest recipient of Russian crude oil among companies in the European Union in January,” Gazeta Wyborcza wrote in early February. It was explained that the refineries in the Czech Republic also belong to the Polish concern. crude oil per day, and the group of the Hungarian concern MOL – 25,000 tons per day.

The value of raw materials imported from Russia since its aggression against UkraineCenter for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA)

Billions for Russian raw materials

How valuable does it look? Contracts for the supply of raw materials are covered by trade secrets, their value is estimated by experts.

According to the Finnish think tank Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), Poland spent EUR 11.4 billion (about PLN 53.4 billion) on the purchase of raw materials from Russia from the start of the war in Ukraine until February 26, 2023. This includes crude oil (EUR 8.4 billion, or PLN 39.4 billion), gas (EUR 2.7 billion, or PLN 12.7 billion) and coal (EUR 280 million, or PLN 1.3 billion) .

It was also noted that from January 1, 2023 to February 26, 2023, imports amounted to EUR 565 million (approximately PLN 2.6 billion). It was mostly oil.

Data may not include imports of finished fuels. The sanctions in this case entered into force in early February. Although Orlen declares that “since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, it has not imported diesel oil from Russia, balancing the Polish market with purchases from alternative directions”. However, other companies could also import finished fuels to Poland.

According to former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Steinhoff, last year we paid a total of PLN 72 billion for crude oil and petroleum fuels from Russia.

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