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IMWM alerts – heavy snowfall, blizzards, blizzards, icing. Weather forecasters warn

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IMWM weather forecasters warn against blizzards and blizzards, as well as heavy snowfall and icing. First stage alarms are in effect. Check where the aura will be dangerous.

The synoptics of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued first degree meteorological warnings.

The Government Center for Security sent an alert to people in parts of northern provinces.

First degree IMWM alerts: blizzards and snowstorms

First degree alarms against blizzards and blizzards are in force in voivodships Warmia-Masuria Province and Podlasie, where they will be valid until 6 am on Saturday, and sometimes until 9 on Saturday.

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Blizzards and blizzards are forecast in these regions due to moderate snowfall and average wind speeds of 20 to 35 km / h and gusts up to 75 km / h from the northwest.

First degree IMGW alerts: heavy snowfall

First degree warnings against heavy snowfall were issued for voivodships Opole and Lower Silesia, in the poviats of Podgórze. In places, the snow cover will increase by 10 to 15 centimeters. The alerts will be valid until 8 on Saturday.

First degree IMWM alerts: icing

Pre-icing alerts are in effect for provinces Lubuskie Voivodeship and Greater Poland (in north-western counties). It is forecasted that wet roads and pavements will freeze after wet snowfall, causing icing. The minimum temperature will be about -3 degrees Celsius, and with the ground it will drop to about -5 degrees C. Warnings will be valid from midnight to 10 on Saturday.

What is the first degree meteorological warning from the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management

IMWM meteorological warningstvnmeteo.pl for IMGW

IMWM meteorological warning The first degree provides for the conditions conducive to the occurrence of dangerous meteorological phenomena that may cause material losses and threat to health and life. Conducting activities in conditions of exposure to these factors is difficult and dangerous. Expect difficulties resulting from carrying out activities in the area of ​​risk, including delays caused by traffic obstructions, disruptions in the course of outdoor events or the possibility of their cancellation. Caution recommended, need to follow news and weather developments.

Winter threatsGovernment Security Center

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