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IMWM: February 2024 may be the warmest in recorded history

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This year’s February is on track to be the warmest February in Poland since the beginning of measurements, informs the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. It is already described as an “extremely warm” month.

Although there is still almost a month left until the arrival of astronomical and calendar spring, the weather has not resembled winter since the beginning of February. The temperature regularly stays above zero, and in some places it even reaches around 15 degrees Celsius. For several weeks, numerous signs of spring have been appearing in nature.

According to the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, this year’s February in our country may turn out to be the warmest February in the history of measurements. The last similarly warm one occurred four years ago, and previously in 2002 and 1990.

“Extremely warm”

On Friday, “the air temperature anomaly across the country was positive, and the maximum value exceeded the long-term norm (1991-2020) by 9 degrees Celsius,” we read in a post on social media.

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IMWM emphasizes that this year’s February “is considered an extremely warm month.”

Thermal spring is already here

Thermal spring has been in effect in many regions of the country for a week. This is the kind of time of year that comes when the average daily air temperature remains between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius for the next at least five days. For several weeks now, the so-called dawn of spring has been taking place, i.e. the moment when common hazel and coltsfoot begin to bloom.

The end of February also promises to be exceptionally warm. The temperature at the beginning of next week in parts of the country may approach 20 degrees Celsius.

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