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In 2016, the government announced the “For Life” program. It was supposed to support people with disabilities. “Wyborcza”: the program is fiction

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In 2016, the government announced the “For Life” program, which was to provide assistance to families with disabled children and disabled adults. The government promised, among other things, cheap apartments for rent. However, the program turned out to be fiction, writes “Gazeta Wyborcza” on Wednesday.

As “Gazeta Wyborcza” writes, the government program “For Life”, presented in 2016, “was to compensate for the disillusioned opponents of abortion”, who then wanted to adopt a civic bill that would prohibit abortion – also in the event that the pregnancy was the result of rape or endangered the woman’s health and life. The then regulations allowed abortion in the case of fetal damage – this was also to be banned. Abortion would be punishable by up to five years in prison.

The newspaper assessed that “under the pressure of mass black women’s protests PIS withdrew from proceeding with the project”. The aim of the “For Life” aid package was also to support mothers in the event of difficult pregnancies, and consequently to reduce the number of abortions due to fetal damage. An additional objective was also to “cool down the anger of the environment Ordo Iuris and Kai Godek.

In 2016, the government announced the “For Life” program. It was supposed to support people with disabilitiesShutterstock

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The program started operating in 2017. According to the newspaper, he one-time financial support in the amount of PLN 4,000 PLN for parents of a child who is irreversible and severely handicapped or affected by a fatal disease, arising in the prenatal period or during childbirth. The program also includes care for a woman during pregnancy and after childbirth, and the creation of 380 coordination, rehabilitation and care centers for the disabled. The parents were to be granted respite care of 120 hours a year. Care for a disabled child over the age of 14 in case of illness was also extended from two weeks to 30 days a year.

Support ‘needed more than ever’ after abortion rights were restricted

In October 2020, as a result of the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal chaired by Julia Przyłębska, Polish women lost the ability to decide whether they want to maintain their pregnancy in the event of an irreversible fetal defect. Since then, as “Wyborcza” points out, “additional support for families caring for severely handicapped children is needed more than ever before”.

The daily draws attention to the statistics of the Central Statistical Office, according to which the infant mortality rate and the number of stillbirths increased in Poland for the first time in years. “Doctors partly link this to the ban on abortion,” the newspaper estimates and adds that more children are born in Poland with severe, irreversible defects that die within the first year of life. Those that survive require constant, comprehensive and costly care.

The daily estimates that the “For life” program “slightly” helps in this care. This is confirmed by the report of the Supreme Audit Office from a year ago.

As “Gazeta Wyborcza” reminds, “NIK auditors pointed out to the government, among other things, that the announced centers of specialist neonatal and pediatric care for children with the most severe disabilities are not being established, on a much smaller scale than planned, family assistants are available (funds for this purpose). the government cut by PLN 100 million), almost all forms of assistance were planned without recognizing the real needs of families, and the whole thing is poorly organized and functions without real supervision of the government and voivodes.

There were supposed to be 30 care centers, there are five

Similar conclusions result from the latest information about the program, which health ministry Krzysztof Brejza, MP from the Civic Coalition, added “Wyborcza”.

Access to coordinated child care centers is supposed to be a “fiction” in most of the country. The rulers assumed that there would be 30 of them, in 2022 there were only five of them. A similar problem is to be found in the creation of homes for single pregnant women and mothers. The rulers announced the establishment of two of them in each voivodship. In Małopolska and Podlasie there are none, and in several other regions only one.

Supreme Chamber of Control she also noted that the program was poorly monitored. This is confirmed by the information provided to Krzysztof Brejza. “An element of the package was also to facilitate access to apartments for rent for families with a seriously ill child. How many of them were built? One apartment” – writes “Wyborcza”. “Agreements have been signed for 75 and they are yet to be created, and there is no data on this subject from the first three years of the program’s operation, because they were not collected” – added.

There is a protest in the Sejm

People with disabilities and their carers have been protesting for over two weeks. The purpose of the protest is to win a higher social pension for a group of 291,000 people. people with disabilities diagnosed from birth unable to live independently – writes “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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Currently, this pension is PLN 1,588.44 gross (PLN 1,217 net). The protesters expect it to be raised to the level of the lowest national salary, which is PLN 3,490 gross.

Their demands are to be ignored by the rulers, who consider the protest political, the newspaper estimates.

However, the government plenipotentiary for people with disabilities, Paweł Wdówik, boasts about the achievements of the government of the United Right in this field. – I can say with my hand on my heart that no government has done so much for people with disabilities – he said in a program on government television.

People with disabilities have been protesting in the Sejm for over two weeksTVN24

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