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In elegant outfits, they got on their motorcycles to remind people about men's problems

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A motorcycle charity event was held in several places in Poland, with participants dressed in elegant costumes. Its idea was born several years ago in Australia and the idea is to draw attention to the fight against prostate cancer and depression among men.

On Sunday, gentlemen dressed elegantly in every detail appeared on motorcycles in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk, Wrocław and several other places in Poland. This is a fragment of the international, charity motorcycle event DGR, which was born several years ago in Australia. Currently, several hundred thousand motorcyclists from 150 cities around the world take part in it.

– Elegant clothes, that's what makes it stand out – explains one of the participants. – We are regular visitors, (…) we want to promote men's health – says Katarzyna Stachowicz, who participates in the event with her husband.

The campaign is about fighting prostate cancer and depression among men. Before the ceremonial rides, funds are collected at rally sites for a men's suicide prevention program and cancer prevention. – There is a goal, there is fun – emphasizes one of the participants of the campaign.

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During these meetings, which are sometimes accompanied by small services, you can also listen to lectures on, for example, the need for testicular examination. – Between the ages of 15 and 40, we touch each other, a girl can help, it's allowed. As soon as we notice a hard, painless lump, we should come and check it, because it can be treated very well – advises Dr. Andrzej Przybyła, andrologist and urologist.

Prof. Stojcev: we want to detect cancer at an early stage to cure itTVN24

Prevention is key

After the age of 40, men should regularly undergo a PSA blood test – a painless one – to detect prostate cancer. It is worth getting tested because prostate cancer is curable if detected in time, and yet approximately five thousand men die from it every year in Poland. About 18,000 find out that they have fallen ill.

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– When we started these meetings 10 years ago, prostate cancer was in second place in terms of incidence among men, now it is in first place – points out Dr. Piotr Maciukiewicz, urologist.

Unfortunately, when it comes to men's mental health, it's not good either. Statistics show that they cope with life worse than women. Bartłomiej Kapuza, co-organizer of “The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride” in Warsaw, emphasizes that men constitute over 80 percent of suicides.

– Gentlemen, take care of yourselves, because if you are not able to act, your motorcycles will not ride on their own – appeals Julia Łuczyńska, co-organizer of “The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride” in Wrocław.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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