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In Germany there is poverty and disappointment with politicians. In a certain district of Duisburg, hardly anyone votes

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In Poland, five years ago, less than half of those entitled to vote for MEPs. In Germany, more people voted: 61 percent of those eligible to vote. At the same time, our neighbors have places where non-voters constitute an overwhelming majority. For example in Duisburg.

About 20,000 people from 136 countries live in the former steelworks district of Duisburg in the western part of the country. Only every fifth voter voted in the last local government elections. – People are giving up, they are fed up – says a resident of Duisburg. He has no interest in politics. – We are too lazy, we leave the decisions to others – admits another man. According to the latest data, unemployment in the district reaches 12.8 percent.

– Firstly, it's really about disappointment, and secondly, politicians don't care about people – replies Mira Edis, a local politician from the Die Linke party, when asked about the reason for this phenomenon. He himself is trying to increase attendance. He walks around the city almost every day to report on the vote. In Germany, 61 percent of eligible voters took part in the last European elections. In the steel district of Duisburg – 35 percent.

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Activation campaign by the Duisburg authorities

– We go to the playground, which has been in a terrible condition for years. There are investments in other cities, but here nothing has been done for children – points out the resident. However, she claims that she does not vote because what the candidates say are, in her opinion, just promises.

Those who feel socially marginalized often stay away from the ballot box. – No, I've never gone there before, honestly, I haven't even heard about it – said one of the district's residents when asked about the European elections.

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The city tries to activate its inhabitants. – We often hear this excuse: we haven't even heard about the elections. We want to change this with such actions, says Martin Murrack, representative of the city of Duisburg. This event is a place with free drinks. Inside there are leaflets and assistants ready to explain how important voting is.

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