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In Krakow, they solemnly lit the last Hanukkah candle, participants protested against hate speech and anti-semitism

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In Krakow, the eighth Hanukkah candle was lit jointly, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness and freedom over violence. Those gathered at the site sent a signal of disagreement with anti-Semitism and hate speech.

On Tuesday, the ceremony dedicated to the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah taking place in the Sejm was disrupted by Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun, who used a powder fire extinguisher to extinguish Hanukkah candles lit in the Sejm. Then he appeared at the Sejm podium while Vice-Marshal Bosak was chairing the proceedings. The proceedings were taken over by the marshal Szymon Hołownia.

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On Thursday, the last, eighth Chanukah candle was lit in Krakow. Those participating in the event referred to the behavior of the Confederation MP – they emphasized that they did not consent to any manifestations of anti-Semitism.

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– Thank you all for coming. Especially those who came with children – said Father Łukasz Ostruszka, parish priest of the Evangelical Augsburg Parish in Krakow. – Thank you to the children for being here with us. I wish all of you that light will be present in your lives. So that it does not give way to darkness, he added.

In Krakow, they solemnly lit the last Hanukkah candleTVN24

– Krakow was a city friendly to various nations and here one third of the inhabitants before the war were Jews – noted the deputy mayor of Krakow, Bogusław Kośmider. – They created Polish culture, they created Polish science, they also created Polish local government, because one third of the councilors were Jews and they fought for various goods just like anyone else – he mentioned.

In turn, Jonathan Ornstein from the Jewish Community Center emphasized that “despite the difficult situation of Jews in the world and despite what we saw two days ago in Warsaw, Hanukkah is a very happy holiday for us.”

– You are here with us. We know that the Jewish community has a home in Poland today, as it was in the past and as it will continue to be, he added.

Braun is suspected of committing a crime

Braun’s behavior was met with a sharp reaction from the Marshal of Hołownia, who excluded him from the meeting. The Head of the Chancellery of the Sejm, Jacek Cichocki, sent a request to the National Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of committing a crime by Braun.

Braun’s act was also condemned by many representatives of the Polish political scene – the case is also widely commented abroad.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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