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In Pakistan, the rope of the railway broke, children spent several hours over the abyss. Two people detained

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The owner and operator of a Pakistani cable car that got stuck nearly 300 meters above a gorge after one of its cables broke has been arrested, local police said on Wednesday. According to the media, there were, among others, several children in the carriage who were traveling to school. After several hours of operation, all passengers were saved.

Mohammad Sheraz Khan, a police officer at the North West Police Station, told Reuters that the two men had been detained. Pakistan. He reported that this happened after rescuing the passengers who were hanging over the abyss.

The owner was detained on several charges, including endangering life and negligence.

Rescue operation after a cable car failure over a gorge in PakistanReuters/Kamran Rauf

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The children hung over the precipice

On Tuesday morning local time in Khyber Pashtunkhwa province in Pakistan, a cable car carrying a group of children and their teacher broke. Initially, the media reported that there were seven children and a teacher in the trolley. On Wednesday, however, the BBC reported that the passengers were six children aged 10-16 and two adults.

They hung on one of the two ropes at an altitude of 275 meters above the gorge. A strong wind was blowing, and the car rocked unsteadily. A rescue operation has been launched.

Helicopter rescue operation in Pakistan

Helicopter rescue operation in PakistanReuters/Umeed Sahar

Two children were rescued with the help of a military helicopter. However, when darkness fell, the use of the machine became impossible. Operations started from the ground. After a total of over 15 hours of action, rescue services rescued all passengers. The Pakistan Army admitted that the mission was “extremely difficult and dangerous”.

Another ropeway in Pakistan stuck over the abyss. There were children in the wagonReuters/Umeed Sahar

One of the children later admitted that during the time spent on the precipice, she feared that “it was the end”. – When the funicular was halfway up, the rope broke. It was hanging down and I was terrified,” said Attaullah Shah.

One of the adults on board said another teenage boy, who has a heart condition, was unconscious for several hours.

A lifeguard told Reuters that one of the passengers had fainted due to the heat and fear. However, it is not clear if it was the same child.

They travel to school every day, they take risks every day

CNN noted that in the mountainous province of Khyber Pashtunkhwa, it is not unusual for children to travel to school by cable car. However, the American broadcaster’s website emphasized that many lifts are in poor condition and using them is associated with risks.

Following the incident, Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar – the country’s interim prime minister – ordered the immediate closure of all “damaged and illegal lifts”.

Main photo source: Reuters/Umeed Sahar

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