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In panic, they fled from the hammerhead. Beaches in Gran Canaria have been closed

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A shark swam very close to beaches in the Canary Islands, forcing them to be closed. The predator is constantly monitored by the maritime services.

For the first time, a shark of the genus Sphyrna was spotted on Saturday at Melenara beach in Spain's Gran Canaria. The over two-meter-long predator swam very close to the shoreline, almost touching the beach with its muzzle. There was panic among beachgoers, and people quickly escaped from the water.

Swimming prohibited

The hammerhead swam so close to people that local authorities decided to close the beach and banned people from entering the water until the animal, which swam away in an unknown direction, was located. On Sunday, the ban also covered the nearby Salinetas beach. Their reopening was announced on Monday.

The predator was wanted by the coast guard and the police. The shark was found in the southern part of Gran Canaria, near the San Agustin beach. To ensure the safety of tourists, the authorities decided to close the beach, which continues to this day.

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Aerial observations are still being carried out in the area of ​​the beaches. According to local media, the hammerhead may have been in the area due to the fish farm that these sharks feed on.

Onda Cero, El Norte de Castilla

Main photo source: Policia Local Telde

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