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In some US states, pregnancy prevents divorce. “These regulations only prolong suffering and cause additional hardship

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In several American states, judges cannot grant a divorce if a woman is pregnant. Divorce in this situation is simply impossible. Even if there is domestic violence in a given marriage. This is the case, among others, in Missouri. Now one politician wants to change that.

– Missouri and many other states have a law that prevents judges from granting a divorce if one of the people in the marriage is pregnant, said Ashley Aune, a member of the state House of Representatives from the Democratic Party. Therefore, divorce becomes possible there only when a woman gives birth. – Divorce is already an emotionally difficult enough process. It is often accompanied by mourning. These regulations only prolong suffering and cause additional difficulties, says psychologist Dr. Sara Brammer. Although it is not talked about much and is hard to believe, similar regulations also exist in Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Indiana and Kentucky. – This law has been in force for a very long time, for decades. The originators wanted to make sure that families would not break up and that mother and child would receive the help they deserved, notes Ashley Aune.

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Years later, however, it is known that the regulations turned out to be very harmful. They make it difficult for victims of domestic violence to escape from a health- or even life-threatening situation. – Data from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services show that homicide is the third leading cause of death among pregnancy-related deaths. In every case identified as a pregnancy-related homicide, the perpetrator was the partner. I know stories of women victims of domestic violence who were told that they would not get a divorce until the birth of a child, emphasizes Matthew Huffman of the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence in Missouri. The issue, which is now being covered by media across the United States, was raised by Democrat Ashley Aune at one of the state committees. “Missouri’s crazy law prevents pregnant women from getting a divorce, even if they are victims of domestic violence,” she said.

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Time for changes

– I know that we want to make sure that children who are born receive proper support from both parents. I would like us to consider having referees decide whether the situation requires additional steps, adds Ashley Aune, who admits that this is unlikely to happen. Republicans have a so-called supermajority in the state. The governor is also a Republican: Michael Parson. “A law like this would only have a chance of passing in two situations: if it had Republican approval, or if more Democrats got into the state legislature,” Ashley explains. “In my opinion, as long as Missouri forces a woman to carry her pregnancy to term, I believe we must give her the opportunity to escape an unsafe relationship if she is in one,” he adds.

It was Republican Governor Michael Parson who signed a bill five years ago that completely banned abortion. Currently, the law does not include an exception for rape or incest. Termination of pregnancy is only permitted in medical emergencies. Enforcement of this right became possible after two years ago the conservative-controlled U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the right to terminate a pregnancy was not constitutional and not subject to federal protection. – In 2022, after the Supreme Court’s decision, when I talked to people, this was the most important thing. Many people, regardless of their political affiliation, say that the issue of limiting access to abortion has gone too far. Not just in Missouri, but across the country. “I think that’s going to be the biggest thing here and everywhere,” Ashley explains. A few months ago, Democratic members of Congress in Missouri tried to add a rape exception to the law. God doesn’t make mistakes, they heard.

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