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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Inamorata. Half-naked women in the mine. KO MP Marta Wcisło comments on the position of the company’s management board

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A photo session with naked women was organized at the Bogdanka mine in Lublin. The case was described by KO MP Marta Wcisło on social media. The management board of the company supervising the mine explains that the session was carried out on a weekend, when a third party supervises operations in the mine, and the management itself was not aware of the “controversial nature” of this session. Almost a year ago, one of the PiS politicians proposed marriage in this mine.

The case was publicized on social media by Lublin MP from the Civic Coalition, Marta Wcisło.

She shared several photos of scantily clad women on her Facebook profile, claiming that they came from a photo session that took place on the night of October 28-29 in the Stefanów field, in the workshop section.

“Attention! This is not a joke. This is a photo session in the Bogdanka mine (Pole Stefanów, workshop section October 28/29, 2023). And these are not miners. After the engagement, is it time for a bachelor party underground? Scandal!” – she wrote.

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Facebook/Marta Wcisło

The position of the mine management: Bogdanka had no knowledge of the nature of the photos taken

The management board of the Bogdanka mine issued a position on this matter on Thursday.

“Due to the publication on social media of photographs of models from a photo session taken by and on behalf of ATUT Śląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Inwestycyjne Sp. z o. o. based in Cieszyn on the premises of our Company, we would like to inform you that Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka was not informed about the controversial nature of this photo session” – it was written. It was added that “LW Bogdanka does not and will not create or promote calendars containing nude photos of women.”

The management board also writes that “the above-mentioned session was carried out on a weekend, i.e. at a time when operations in the mine are supervised by a third party.” “On that day, mining works were inspected by Korporacja Gwarecka SA in connection with the contract concluded with this company. LW Bogdanka therefore had no knowledge of the type of photos taken, especially since the submitted request for permission to photograph concerned mining photos of BIZON tractors in underground conditions ‘”.

“Considering the possibility of intentionally misleading the Management Board of LW Bogdanka, the Company will consider the possibility of filing claims against ATUT Śląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Inwestycyjne Sp. z o. o. in Cieszyn,” it was reported.

“At the same time, the strictest professional consequences provided for in the Labor Code will be imposed on employees (both the Company and an external entity) who failed to fulfill their obligations regarding compliance with health and safety regulations on that day,” the statement concluded.

Engagement of a PiS politician in a mine

In January this year, we wrote about another controversial situation that occurred in the Bogdanka mine. At the end of December 2022, the engagement took place underground – proposed Michał Moskal, a young politician of Law and Justice, one of the closest collaborators Jarosław Kaczyński. Moskal and the mine’s representatives did not deny this information in talks with tvn24.pl.

Moskal explained then that it was his private matter, but over 50 percent of the mine’s shares belonged to the Enea Group, whose majority shareholder was the State Treasury.

Engagement of a PiS politician in a mine. “It’s even embarrassing that I have to comment on such matters”

Main photo source: PAP/Wojciech Pacewicz

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