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Incense. Attack at the school in Kadzidło. Attacker in a horror mask. Reports of witnesses and students

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At the school in Kadzidło (Masovian Voivodeship), a knifeman attacked students. Three people were taken to hospitals, the condition of two of them is said to be serious. TVN24 reporter Mateusz Grzymowski reached two teenagers who were in class during the attack. Their relationships are dramatic. According to them, the 18-year-old left class to go to the bathroom and returned masked and with a knife in his hand. He attacked “the first people he saw.”

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Down the attack occurred on Wednesday around 12 p.m. at a school in Kadzidło, Ostrołęka County. The attacker escaped, but was arrested during a police raid. The suspect is an 18-year-old student who entered the lesson and attacked his classmate. The girl was injured in the stomach and the boy in the neck. Additionally, outside the school, the teenager injured a third person.

“He went to the bathroom. After five minutes he came back”

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It all happened during the lesson, around 12 o’clock. – We had a combined lesson, a psychologist came to us and conducted it. We were sitting in the classroom, standing in a circle – one of the students who participated in the lesson tells a TVN24 reporter. He adds that the classes included, among others: phenomena of aggression.

– Suddenly one of the students who was sitting in the room went to the bathroom. He took a backpack with him. After five minutes he returned. He opened the door – he reports the event. As he specifies, the attacker already had a mask on his face, reminiscent of the one from the horror movie “Friday the 13th”.

The witness told about the attack at the school in KadzidłoTVN24

– He was dressed in a uniform and started hitting his friend on the head with a baton. When he finished, he pulled out a knife and stabbed him. He stabbed his friend in the stomach. Then he left the room, he must have been scared. I grabbed the chair and he looked inside again, says the witness.

Then the attacker disappeared, and the students sat paralyzed with fear. – I started to calm people down, showed them where to go, students started jumping out of the window from the first floor – he adds. He claims that the attacker had no conflicts with the injured before, although he “behaved strangely.”

“He attacked the first people he saw”

Reporter Mateusz Grzymowski also reached the second student. – The class lasted half an hour, then one of the students left. Before leaving, he was dressed in camouflage clothes. He came back masked, had a black knife and black gloves. He stabbed his friend three times and started stabbing his friend. I ran away immediately. I wanted to leave through the exchange office to escape, but the door was closed and should have been open because it is a security entrance. I jumped out of the window, it was the first floor. I called 112 for help, the boy says.

It also talks about the attacker himself. – He was quiet before the attack. He had no conflict with anyone. When he entered the classroom, he attacked the first people he saw, first a girl, then a boy. Then it could have been me, because I was sitting next to him, but I escaped through the window – he repeats.

The prosecutor’s office seized four knives

The case is under investigation. As Elżbieta Edyta Łukasiewicz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrołęka, said on Thursday, on Wednesday evening and at night the services searched the place of residence of the alleged perpetrator, and also inspected the school building and the sports field. – We secured four knives. The perpetrator probably used one of them, the prosecutor said.

20 people, direct witnesses, were interviewed in the case. – The detained boy’s parents and his good friend were questioned – added Łukasiewicz.

The alleged case is in hospital because he suffered minor injuries. He is guarded by policemen. – The activities with him will be carried out tomorrow (Friday – editor) in the morning, because the victims are in hospital, medical documentation is needed – explained the spokeswoman. The suspect has not yet been charged. The prosecutor’s office also does not provide information about his motives.

Condition of the injured students

The student who was stabbed in the neck is lying in a hospital in Warsaw. – His condition is serious, but there are prospects for recovery – said Elżbieta Edyta Łukasiewicz. The student who was stabbed in the stomach was taken to the hospital in Ostrołęka. – He is in a serious but stable condition, the prognosis is good – added the prosecutor. The student injured in the forearm was taken to the hospital in Szczytno. – There is no detailed information about his health condition – summed up the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrołęka.

There are no lessons, the school is closed

There are no classes on Thursday at the District School Complex in Kadzidło near Ostrołęka, where one of the students injured three of his peers with a knife. It’s empty near the school. The main entrance was sealed until noon, a police car was parked in front of the building, and employees met with psychologists. Workshops were also organized for teachers to prepare them to work with students after the tragic event. According to representatives of the district supervising the school, there were no signs of anything disturbing happening there before this incident.

The announcement was presented by Magdalena Pietras, director of the Department of Education and Social Affairs in the starosty, on behalf of the school management and the Ostrołęka district – as the body managing the facility. – In connection with the incident at the school, we are taking all actions to ensure the physical and mental safety of students, parents and school employees. A decision was made to suspend teaching and educational activities today, she said.

She announced that on Friday there would be care and educational classes for students with the participation of psychologists and police representatives. – Tomorrow (Friday – editor) a decision will be made on the possible start date of teaching classes – she added.

Journalists asked whether the district had any signals that something disturbing had happened at the school before this incident. They cited reports from some parents that there were fights, and that a week ago one of the students allegedly came with a knife. – I currently have no knowledge about whether such situations took place – Pietras replied. But as she noted, officials are taking action to clarify these signals.

In a statement published on Wednesday evening, the Ostrołęka County Office informed that “information appearing in the media that such situations have happened at the school before is untrue and simply harmful – both for the teaching staff, the management and for the students themselves.”

“The District School Complex in Kadzidło is a school to which the Ostrołęka County, as the managing body, has no objections. It is a school with good staff, ambitious students, and a friendly atmosphere,” the county assured in a statement.

Director Pietras said that psychologists have been on duty, both stationary and telephone, which can be used by all people who need support. She said that on a daily basis, students could benefit from the care of the psychological and pedagogical counseling center located in the school building. The school also employs a teacher for 10 hours a week.

About 180 students attend day schools in the School Complex, and over 200 adults attend qualifying courses.

Main photo source: moja-ostroleka.pl

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